Item No. ARTIST title  (Label / Catalog Number) +information Yr Stat Condition Price
SR0089 ABBA dancing queen(Disco Mate DSP-112 2trk7 c/w Tiger) 77 JP Ex+/Ex+ 300
SR0004 ABBA summer night city(Discomate DSP122)
c/w Meddley : Pick A Bale Of Cotton + On Top of Old Smokey + Midnight Special
78 JP M-/M- 500
SR0002 ABBA voulez-vous(Discomate DSP129 c/w Kisses of Fire) 79 JP Ex+/Ex+ 300
SR0003 ABBA chiquitita(Discomate DSP126 c/w Lovelight) 79 JP M-/Ex+ 300
SR0001 ABBA the winner takes it all(Discomate DSP205 c/w Elaine) 80 JP Ex/M- 500
S1704 ABSOLUTE ELSEWHERE earthbound(Warner Bros.K16697 UK prog. / scarce UK ps!)
 c/w the gold of the gods
76 UK M-/M- 2500
SR0005 A-HA the sun always shines on t.v.(Warner Bros. P-2022 c/w Driftwood) 85 JP M-/M- 300
S2707 AKE ERIKSON & BEDLAM shame on you(Dr.Roxx PRE103 c/w And They Can Play Too)
 ex-Bedlam<SWE> / Swedish hard pop
89 SW /Ex 500
S1949 ALEX HARVEY the poet and i(Powerstation OHM3 from his last album / 2trk7) 83 UK M-/Ex+ 1500
S2262 ALL ABOUT EVE our summer(All About Eve EVEN3 c/w Lady Moonlight)
 UK pop with female vox / rare private issue
87 UK M-/M- 2500
S2401 ALL ABOUT EVE scarlet(Mercury EVEN12 c/w Our Summer<live>) 89 UK M-/M- 1000
S2826 ALL ABOUT EVE december(Mercury EVENP11 ltd 3trk7PD) c/w Drowning & Paradise 89 UK /Ex 1000
S0824 ALL ABOUT EVE the dreamer(Vertigo EVEN16 c/w frida of blood and gold) 91 UK M-/M- 500
S2404 AMEN CORNER hello susie(Immediate 1C006-90310 late 60s UK beat / rare German PS)
 c/w Evil Man
s Gonna Win / MONO
69 D Ex+/Ex+ 1900
S2405 AMEN CORNER get back(Immediate 1C006-90759 late 60s UK beat / rare German PS)
 c/w Farewell To The Real Magnificient Seven / MONO
69 D M-/M- 2900
SR0130 AMON DUUL II pigman(United Artists UA-XW419-W) stereo + mono 2 vers 7", promo, yellow lab
 white plain sleeve, German psyche. - prog.
74 US /Ex 500
SR0006 ANIMALS weve gotta get out of this place(Odeon OR1421 Red Wax c/w I Cant Believe It) 65 JP Ex/Ex 1500
can you get it(Capitol CR-2844 2trk / green lab) 71 JP M-/Ex+ 3900
SR0008 ASIA go(Geffen 07SP930 c/w After The War) 85 JP Ex+/M- 500
S3303 ATOMIC ROOSTER friday the 13th(Stateside SR-2630 c/w Banstead, WL, g/f PS / UK heavy prog.)
70 JP Ex/Ex 8500
S3305 ATOMIC ROOSTER broken wings(Stateside SR-2712 c/w S.L.Y., g/f PS / very rare JPN issue) 70 JP M-/M- 12800
S3304 ATOMIC ROOSTER devil's answer(Stateside SR-2864 c/w The Rock / Red Wax vinyl, g/f PS)
 Side -A : non LP trk
71 JP Ex+/M- 24800
S3306 ATOMIC ROOSTER tomorrow night(Stateside SR-2790 c/w Play The Game<non LP trk>)
 WL ,g/f PS / UK heavy prog.
71 JP Ex+/M- 12800
S2407 ATOMIC ROOSTER stand by me(Pye 45PY4111 rare French PS! c/w Never To Lose) 72 FR M-/Ex 3900
S1580 AUDIENCE belladonna moonshine(Charisma CB126 c/w The Big Spell / pink lab) 70 UK /Ex 1500
S1581 AUDIENCE youre not smiling(Charisma CB156 c/w Eye To Eye / pink lab) 71 UK /M- 1900
S2830 AUDIENCE indian summer(Philips 6073303 c/w It Brings a Tear / early 70s UK rock) 71 D M-/Ex 3900
S2408 AUTO DA FE all is yellow,hot,hot,hot(Spartan SP18 c/w There They Stood / f.Gay Woods) 85 UK M-/M- 1500
SR0007 AZTEC CAMERA all i need is everything(WEA P-1919 c/w Jump) 84 JP M-/M- 300
S2043 BAKER GURVITZ ARMY the gambler(Vertigo 6078224 c/w Time / rare German PS!) 75 D Ex+/Ex+ 1900
SR0088 BARBI BENTON feelings(Playboy PB-210 c/w You gave Me Love Who Could Ask For) 76 JP Ex+/Ex+ 300
S3273 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST titles(Polydor DP4014 c/w Song For You / melodious UK prog. / Ssoc)
ジャケ上中央に2cm x 1.5cmのセロテープ有 / WL / 邦題は ビートルズよ永遠に
76 JP Ex/M- 3900
S0829 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST hymn(Polydor 2058904 c/w our kids kid / UK prog.) 77 UK M-/M- 1500
S1717 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST love on the line(Polydor POSP97 c/w Alright Down Get) 79 UK Ex/M- 800
S1718 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST cheap the bullet(Polydor PO67 c/w Shadows On The Sky) 90 UK Ex+/Ex 800
S0954 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST stand up(Polydor PO208) c/w life is for living 92 UK Ex/M- 1000
S2532 BEATLES for sale(Parlophone GEP8931 4 trk EP)
 inc,No Reply,I
m A Loser,Rock And Roll Music & Eight Days A Week
折返しジャケ,bk & yellow lab,extended play,mono,860-1N,861-1N
64 UK Ex/Ex 9800
SR0079 BEATLES i should have known better(Odeon/Toshiba Onkou OR-1139) G/F ps,
 Red Wax<
赤盤>, c/w Ill Cry Instead PHOTO1  PHOTO2
64 JP Ex-/Ex- 1900
SR0078 BEATLES youre going to lose that girl(Apple/Toshiba Onkou AR-1426 G/F ps)
c/w Tell Me What You See /
65 JP M-/M- 1800
SR0080 BEATLES act naturally(Apple/Toshiba Onkou AR-1437 G/F ps,Red Wax <赤盤>)
c/w Yesterday /
65 JP Ex+/Ex- 2000
SR0101 BEATLES a hard days night +3 (Odeon/Toshiba OP4035 Red Wax, flip back cover +inst)
4 trk 7
EP c/w I Should Have Known Better,Please Mister Postman,And I Love Her
65 JP Ex-/Ex 1500
SR0100 BEE GEES too much heaven(RSO DWQ6065 c/w rest Your Love On Me) 78 JP Ex+/M- 300
SR0009 BEE GEES ioio(Polydor/Nippon Grammophon DP1715 mono,c/w Sweetheart / 60s issue)   JP Ex/Ex 500
SR0010 BEE GEES run to me : best 6(Polydor KP2030 6trk 7EP)   JP Ex/Ex- 300
S3157 BEGGARS OPERA two timing woman(Vertigo 6059088 2trtk7 / UK prog.) 73 D Ex+/Ex+ 2900
S1099 BEGGARS OPERA sarabande(Vertigo 6059026) swirl lb, c/w Think, rare German PS!   D M-/Ex 2900
S2834 BILL WYMAN je suis un rock star(A&M AMS8144 c/w Rio De Janeiro / ex-Rolling Stones) 81 UK Ex/M- 800
SR0030 BILLY IDOL hot in the city(Chrysalis WWS17267 c/w Hole In The Wall / WL,Sdh,soc) 82 JP Ex/Ex 300
SR0029 BILLY IDOL to be a lover(Chrysalis WWS17603 c/w All Summer Single / WL ,Sdh) 86 JP M-/M- 500
S2411 BLACK CROWES wiser time(American Recordings 74321-27267-7 poster cvr)
c/w Chevrolet
95 EU M-/M- 1000
S2046 BLACK OUT zaspiewam ci tak(Pronit N0501 4trk7EP / late 60s Polish pop - beat)
f.Mira Kubasinska : female vox / pre-Breakout
  PO FS/Ex 2500
S3311 BLACK SABBATH sabbath bloody sabbath(Vertigo SFL-1833 c/w Changes, swirl lab, TC) 74 JP M-/Ex+ 8500
S3300 BLACK WIDOW come to the sabbat(CBS/Sony CBSA82068 c/w Way to Power, sample yellow lab)
+push-out center, g/f PS + Air-Play series in-slv / UK prog. - psyche.
70 JP M-/M- 24800
S0839 BLACKFOOT SUE sing dont speak(DJM 12464AT c/w 2 b free / UK hard) 72 D Ex/M- 2900
S0840 BLACKFOOT SUE standing in the road(DJM 12216AT c/w celestial plain )
early 70
s UK hard / ジャケ上、くたびれ・盤、軽いスリキズあり
72 D Ex-/Ex- 1000
S0836 BLACKFOOT SUE get it all to me(DJM 12997AT c/w my oh my / rare German PS) 73 D Ex/M- 2900
S0838 BLACKFOOT SUE summer(DJM 12703AT c/w glittery obituary / UK hard) 73 D Ex/Ex 2500
S0837 BLACKFOOT SUE bye bye birmingham(DJM 13278AT c/w my oh my / UK hard) 74 D M-/M- 2900
SR0054 BLONDIE call me(Chrysalis WWR20700 c/w Call Me<instrumental>) 80 JP M-/M- 300
SR0011 BOSTON more than a feeling(Epic 06SP118 c/w Smokin) 76 JP M-/Ex 500
SR0014 CARPENTERS jambalaya <on the bayou>(A&M AM201 brown lab, c/w Heather) 73 JP Ex/Ex+ 500
S1726 CASE look at me now(Hawk HAWKS1127 c/w instrumental version / Swedish pop - AOR) 88 SW Ex/M- 500
S3297 CHRIS SPEDDING rock and roll band(Odeon OR-2517 c/w Goodbye We Loved You, g/f PS) 70 JP Ex+/Ex+ 5900
S3298 CHRIS SPEDDING she's my friend(Odeon OR-2706 c/w Ought to be a Law, WL, g/f PS) 70 JP Ex+/M- 5900
S1728 CHRISTY MOORE welcome to the cabaret(Newberry CM001 Irish folk /ex-Planxty)
c/w Blackjack County Chains
90 UK M-/M- 1000
SR0127 CITY BOY SFL-2315) c/w Bad For Business, WL 78 JP M-/M- 500
SR0047 CLIFF RICHARD girl, youll be a woman soon(Odeon/Toshiba Onko OR2534 g/f ps)
c/w Take Good Care Of Her
69 JP Ex/M- 500
SR0087 COZY POWELL theme one(Polydor DPQ6159 2trk7 c/w The Loner)
f.Bernie Marsden,Clem Clempson
79 JP Ex+/Ex 1500
S3267 CURVED AIR it happened today(Warner Bros. P-1026W green lab, g/f ps / very rare JPN issue)
見開きのジャケの内側にブールペンで日付の書き込み有 / Swobc
71 JP Ex+/M- 24800
SR0128 CURVED AIR sarah's concern(Warner Bros. WB16164) Swoc, non LP trk, A面アルバム未収
 UK prog. +female vo, green Warner lab
72 D Ex+/Ex+ 1000
SR0034 CYNDI LAUPER girls just want to have fun(Portrait 07-5P-267 c/w Right Track Wrong Train) 83 JP Ex+/M- 300
S2726 DAG FINN bye bye baby goodbye(Mercury 868354-7 G/F ps, c/w Heartbeat)
 Swedish melodious rock
91 SW M-/Ex 2500
SR0099 DANYEL GARARD butterfly <English version>(Disco Mate DSP-119 c/w French version / 78 issue) 78 JP M-/M- 300
S1115 DARRYL WAY little plum(Charisma PLUM1 c/w Love Is The Driver / ex-Curved Air) 84 UK Ex+/Ex 1000
SR0027 DAVID BOWIE blue jean(EMI EYS17476 g/f ps / c/w Dancing With The Big Boys) 84 JP M-/M- 300
SR0020 DEAD OR ALIVE you spin me round(Epic 07-5P-365 c/w Misty Circle) 84 JP M-/M- 500
S1459 DEMON THOR pink mary(United Artists 35548A c/w The Army / German heavy) 73 D Ex+/Ex+ 1900
S1735 DIABLOS, LOS oh,oh,july(EMI/Odeon 1J006-20.845 c/w Feliz Cumpleanos)
 Spanish mellow beat - pop
72 SP M-/M- 1500
S1462 DONOVAN the hurdy gurdy man(Epic 5-10345 c/w Teen Angel / yellow lab) 68 D Ex+/Ex 1500
SR0021 DURAN DURAN hungry like the wolf(EMI EMS17266 c/w Careless Memories<live>) 82 JP M-/M- 500
SR0022 DURAN DURAN is there something i should know(EMI EMS17361 c/w Faith In This Colour)
 1st press.only triple g/f ps
83 JP M-/M- 500
SR0023 DURAN DURAN the reflex(EMI EMS17454 c/w New Religion) 84 JP M-/M- 300
SR0129 E.L.P. fanfare for the common man(Atlantic P-189A) c/w Brain Salad Surgery<non LP trk> 77 JP Ex+/Ex+ 1500
S1619 EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND gone blue(Harvest HAR5049 3trk EP / UK psyche.)
 c/w Someone,Mr.Crosby
72 UK /M- 1000
S3327 ELF hoochie koochie lady(Epic EPC S1127) c/w First Avenue, yellow lab, rare PS!
 sounds Ex+, f.Ronnie James Dio
72 D Ex/Ex- 3900
SR0013 ERIC BURDON BAND dont let me be misunderstood(Capitol ECR10701 c/w The Real Me) 74 JP M-/M- 500
S2853 ERIC CLAPTON forever man(Warner Bros. 929081-7 Sdh c/w Too Bad) 85 D Ex/M- 500
S0858 FAIRFEILD PARLOUR bordeaux rose(Prism PRI1 c/w baby stay for tonight )
76 issue / early 70s UK prog. / inc,non LP trk!
76 UK /M- 1900
S3001 FAIRPORT CONVENTION john lee(Island 12024AT c/w The Time Is Near / sunbeam lab) Dutch cvr! 71 HO Ex/Ex 1000
S3170 FAITH freedom(Brown Bag LBR-10400 2trk7 / US hard rock) 73 JP Ex+/M- 4900
S1965 FALCONS dont let me be misunderstood(Hansa 10295AT rw,Swoc)
 early 70
s UK & French heavy psyche. / very rare single
  HO Ex-/VG 1500
S1142 FAMILY burlesque(Reprise K14196 c/wThe Rocking Rs / UK rock classic) 72 FR Ex/Ex 2500
S2854 FAMILY song for lots(Reprise RA3445 c/w Today / rare German PS!)   D Ex/Ex 2500
S1966 FIDDLERS DRAM black hole(Dingles SID225 c/w Agony / UK trad / scarce 2trk 7) 81 UK Ex/Ex 1000
S2855 FIRM radioactive(Atlantic 789586-7 c/w Together) 85 D Ex/Ex 500
S3172 FLAMING YOUTH guide me, orion(Fontana 262026TF c/w From Now On)
 UK prog. - psyche.  / f.Phil Collins
69 UK Ex/Ex 2900
S1623 FLASH small beginnings(Sovereign SOV105 c/w Morning Haze / UK prog. / ex-Yes) 71 UK /M- 1900
SR0025 FLEETWOOD MAC gypsy(Warner Bros. P-1701 c/w Cool Water / WL) 82 JP M-/M- 800
SR0131 FOX only you can(GTO DW1094) c/w Out Of My Body, UK psyche.pop rock, female vo 75 JP M-/M- 1900
SR0133 FOX strange ships(GTO 2099 141) c/w Little Brown Box, UK pop rock, female vo 75 D Ex+/Ex+ 500
S2686 FRANCE GALL la cloche(Philips 434.914 4trk EP,mono, dark green lab) 64 FR Ex/VG 1900
S2687 FRANCE GALL laisse tomber les filles(Philips 434.949 4trk EP,mono,dark green lab) 64 FR Ex/VG 4900
S2688 FRANCE GALL sacre charlemagne(Philips 434.962 4trk EP,mono,dark green lab) 64 FR Ex/Ex 2900
S2689 FRANCE GALL poupee de cire poupee de son(Philips 437.032 4trk,mono,dark green lab) 65 FR Ex/VG 1900
S2690 FRANCE GALL lamerique(Philips 437.125 4trk EP,mono,dark green lab) 65 FR Ex/VG 1900
S2691 FRANCE GALL la petite(Philips 437.317 with Maurice Biraud 4trk EP,mono,dark green lab) 67 FR Ex/VG 1900
S2692 FRANCE GALL teenie weenie boppie(Philips 437.358 4trk EP,mono,dark green lab) 67 FR Ex+/Ex 12800
S2693 FRANCE GALL chanson indienne(Philips 437.393 4trkEP,mono,dark green lab) 68 FR Ex+/Ex 9800
S1751 FRANCOISE HARDY oh oh chezi+3(Vogue EPL7967 LC,折返しジャケ /French female pop)
 scarce 4trk EP
62 FR M-/Ex 2900
S2562 FRANCOISE HARDY canta(Vogue HV27-90 scarce Spanish 4trk EP,LC,折返しジャケ)
 inc,Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles,Il Est Tout Pour Moi,J
suis Daccord
 & Il Est Parti Un Jour / French female pop
62 SP Ex/Ex 1900
S1752 FRANCOISE HARDY qui aime - t -il vraiment +3(Vogue EPL8111 LC, 折返しジャケ/4trk) 63 FR Ex/Ex 1900
S1753 FRANCOISE HARDY pourtant tu maimes+3(Vogue ELP8221 LC, 折返しジャケ / 4trk) 64 FR M-/Ex 2900
S2563 FRANCOISE HARDY tous les garcons et les filles(Vogue 101344 c/w Dis-Lui Non)   FR M-/Ex 1500
S1970 FREE stealer(Island 6014033 pink lab c/w Lying In The Sunshine / rare German PS!) 70 D M-/M- 3500
S3319 FREE stealer(Island SFL-1309 c/w lying in the Sunshine, pink lab with push-out center) 70 JP Ex+/Ex+ 4900
S3320 FREE ride on pony(Island SFL-1319) c/w On My Way
ジャケ、きつくはないが折れ跡有, pink lab with push out center
70 JP Ex/Ex 4900
S3321 FREE little bit of love(Island HIT-5012 c/w Sail On, sun beam pink rim lab) 72 JP Ex+/M- 4900
ruby(Pinnacle PIN501 c/w Good Ol Gary) ex-Heavy Metal Kids,The Boys 81 UK Ex/M- 1500
SR0098 GAZEBO i like chopin(CBS/Sony 07SP790 c/w I like Chopin<instrumental>) 83 JP M-/M- 300
SR0141 GENESIS paperlate(Vertigo 6000 831) c/w You Might Recall, both non LP trks 82 D Ex+/M- 1000
SR0053 GENESIS invisible touch(Charisma 07VA1041 +inst,ps / c/w The Last Domino) 86 JP Ex+/Ex+ 300
SR0142 GENESIS tonight, tonight, tonight <edit version> (Atlantic 7-89290) c/w LP version 87 US Ex+/M- 500
SR0097 GEORGE HARRISON ding dong(Apple/Toshiba EMI EAR-10679 c/w I Dont Care Anymore) 74 JP Ex+/M- 800
SR0096 GEORGES MOUSTAKI ma solitude(Polydor DP1898 c/w Le Meteque / G/F cvr / French SSW) 73 JP Ex/Ex+ 300
S0991 GLOOMYS daybreak(Columbia C23694) c/w calling mayfair 5-0-16 ,Stoc
 late 60
s German beat like British beat
  D Ex/Ex 2900
S0741 GRAPEFRUIT thunder & lightning(RCA 74-0241 c/w blues in your head /tobc)
 UK mellow pop /
69 D VG/Ex+ 1500
S3272 GUN race with the devil(Sony SONG80065 c/w Sunshine / very rare JPN issue) 68 JP Ex+/Ex+ 9800
S3316 HAWKWIND motorway city(Flicknife FLS025 c/w Master of the Universe
 UK space rock - psyche.
83 UK Ex+/Ex 1000
SR0105 HEART barracuda(Portrait 06SP168 c/w Cry To Me / 2trk7) 77 JP M-/M- 1000
SR0104 HEART what about love(Capitol ECS-17566 c/w Heart of Darkness / 2trk7) 85 JP Ex+/M- 500
SR0103 HOLGER CZUKAY Persian love(Trio AW-710 2trk7,WL / ex-Can / German electro)
 traces of scotch tape on cvr /
82 JP VG+/M- 500
S1763 HORSLIPS the high reel(Oats OAT1 c/w Furniture / Irish celtic rock - folk rock) 73 UK /Ex+ 1000
S3299 HOTLEGS neanderthal man(Fontana SFL-1290) UK rock - pop / pre-10CC
 with push-out center, c/w You Didin't Like It,Because You Didin't Think
70 JP M-/M- 1900
S1764 IAN MATTHEWS gimme an inch girl(Rockburgh VIP2724 c/w Sail My Soul / UK folk rock)   JP M-/M- 1000
SR0032 INXS dont change(WEA P-1795 c/w Go West / WL,Ssoc,Stoc) 82 JP Ex-/Ex 300
SR0033 INXS original sin(WEA P-1838 3trk c/w In Vain + Just Keep Walking<live>) 83 JP M-/M- 500
SR0036 INXS this time(WEA P-2004 WL ,Stoc , c/w Im Over You) 85 JP Ex/Ex 300
SR0037 INXS what you need(WEA P-2069 c/w Sweet As Sin) 85 JP M-/M- 300
S1473 ISOPODA your flower(Twinkle DH20577-313 c/w Black Mountaincat)
 Belgian symphonic prog.
79 BL M-/Ex 1900
S2448 JACKSON HEIGHTS maureen<stereo>(Verve VK10706) promo issue,WL, c/w Maureen<MONO> 73 US /Ex+ 1000
SR0038 JAPAN sometimes i feel so low(Victor VIP2678 c/w Love Is Infectious) 78 JP M-/M- 800
SR0039 JAPAN the unconventional(Victor VIP2648 c/w Lovers On Main Street) 78 JP Ex+/M- 800
S2178 JERONIMO heya(Admiral AD1105 c/w So Nice To Know / German heavy blues rock) 69 D M-/M- 2500
S3284 JETHRO TULL love story(Reprise JET-1894 c/w A Song for Jeffrey / with push-out center)
68 JP M-/VG 9800
S2870 JETHRO TULL bouree(Island 388859UF pink lab,rare PS,soc c/w Look Into The Sun) 69 HO Ex-/Ex 2900
S3280 JETHRO TULL bouree(Reprise JET-1939 c/w Fat Man ,WL with push-out center)
 very rare JPN issue! /
69 JP Ex+/M- 9800
S2179 JETHRO TULL inside(Island 6014010 pink lab +red eye c/w Alive And Well And Living On) 70 D Ex/Ex+ 2900
S3282 JETHRO TULL witch's promise(Reprise JET-1961 c/w The Teacher, WL with push-out center) 70 JP Ex+/Ex+ 11800
S3281 JETHRO TULL living in the past(Reprise P-1178R c/w Christmas Song / no skips,no big noise) 72 JP Ex+/VG+ 8500
S3283 JETHRO TULL minstrel in the gallery(Chrysalis CH-10 green lab c/w Summerday Sands / woc) 75 JP Ex/Ex+ 18800
S2744 JETHRO TULL ring out,solstice bells(Chrysalis CXP2 green lab,4trk EP) 76 UK Ex/Ex 2900
S2871 JETHRO TULL ring out,solstice bells(Chrysalis CXP2 4trk7EP,green lab,rwobc) 76 UK Ex/M- 1900
S1984 JETHRO TULL a passion play<edit 8>(Chrysalis 6155009 green lab c/w <edit 9>)   D Ex/Ex 2900
S3314 JOANNA CARLIN i live in the city(DJM DJS667 c/w The First Time / promo only 2 trk7")
 A-side is non LP trk / UK female SSW /
76 UK VG/Ex+ 1500
SR0015 JOHN COUGAR i need a lover(Warner Bros. P-528W c/w Let Them Run Your Lives / WL) 78 JP Ex/M- 500
SR0016 JOHN COUGAR this time(Warner Bros. P-640W c/w Dont Misunderstand Me / WL) 80 JP M-/Ex+ 500
SR0017 JOHN COUGAR hurts so good(WEA P-1654 c/w Close Enough) 82 JP M-/M- 500
SR0018 JOHN COUGAR crumblin down(Mercury 7PP124 c/w Golden Gates / sample) 83 JP M-/M- 500
SR0019 JOHN COUGAR rumbleseat(Mercury 7PP213 c/w Cold Sweat / sample) 86 JP M-/M- 500
SR0095 JOURNEY separate ways(CBS/Sony 07SP678 c/w Frontiers) 83 JP Ex+/M- 500
S3313 JUICY LUCY who do you love(Philips SFL-1266) c/w Chicago North-Western, sample red lab
 Swol, with push-out center / UK blues rock
70 JP Ex/Ex+ 9800
S3323 JUICY LUCY pretty woman(Philips SFL-1311 c/w Thinking of My Life, TC)
 sample red lab with push-out center / great condition!
70 JP Ex+/Ex+ 12800
S3324 KALEIDOSCOPE flight from ashiya +3(Zonophone DLR222 Blue Viny, 4trks , BBC recordings '67)   EU M-/M- 2900
S1479 KEITH WEST excerpt from a teenage opera(Odeon O235497 green lab / late 60s UK beat)
 c/w Mark Wirtz Orchestra - Theme From A Teenage Opera / pre-Tomorrow
  D M-/Ex 2500
S3194 KILLING FLOOR call for the politicians(Penny Farthing Y-6-P WL /UK heavy blues rock)
 very rare JPN 2trk7
single!! c/w Acid Bean
71 JP Ex+/M- 48800
SR0046 KIM WILDE kids in america(RAK ERS17174 c/w Tuning In Tuning On) 81 JP Ex+/M- 500
S1187 KINKS apeman(Pye 14790AT c/w Rats / rare German PS!) 70 D Ex+/M- 2900
S1188 KINKS lola(Pye 14669AT c/w Berkeley Mews / rare German PS!) 70 D Ex+/Ex+ 2900
S2181 KINKS apeman(Pye 45PV15350 red lab, c/w Rats / rare French cvr!) 70 FR M-/Ex 2900
S1989 KINKS sitting in the midday sun(RCA 74-16340 WL, c/w One Of The Survivors) 73 D M-/M- 1900
S1189 KINKS predictable(Arista ARIPD426 c/w Back To Front / ltd PD) 81 UK /M- 1500
S1990 KINKS better things(Arista ARIST415 dbl-pk,G/F +live single! / UK rock classic) 81 UK Ex+/
SR0060 KORGIS i just cant help it(Rialto TREB112 rw , c/w O Maxine / UK pop) 79 UK Ex-/Ex 500
SR0061 KORGIS everybodys got to learn sometime(Rialto TREB115 c/w dirty postcards ) 80 UK Ex/Ex 500
SR0062 KORGIS if its alright with you baby(Rialto TREB118 c/w love aint too far away / Srw) 80 UK Ex/M- 500
S1195 LAST STRAW oh lady(Solent SS049 G/F,ltd 200 PS, private UK pub rock) 78 UK Ex/Ex 2900
S2748 LI BRAINS vaga vinn(Parla PNLS020 c/w Nattskift / Swedish AOR with female vox) 83 SW Ex/Ex 1500
S3292 LINDA HOYLE with AFFINITY eli's comin'(Vertigo 6059018 c/w United States of Mind)
 swirl logo lab +push-out center
両面ともにオリジナルアルバム未収 / very rare Scandinavian PS!
70 NR Ex+/M- 11800
S1382 LINDISFARNE meet me on the corner(Charisma CB173 pink lab / rare ps! / UK folk)
 c/w Scotch Mist/No Time To Lose
71 UK Ex/M- 3900
S0765 LINDISFARNE all fall down(Charisma 6073319 non LP trk, UK folk)
 c/w we can swing together<live> , mad-hatter Charisma lab
72 D M-/M- 1900
S0766 LINDISFARNE wake up little sister(Philips 6073327 c/w court in the act ) 72 D M-/M- 2500
S2589 LINDISFARNE all fall down(Charisma CB191 pink lab)
 c/w We Can Swing Together
72 UK /M- 1500
S2590 LINDISFARNE court in the act(Charisma CB199 mad-hatter lab c/w Dont Ask Me) 72 UK /M- 1500
S2591 LINDISFARNE fog on the tyne(Charisma CB232 mad-hatter lab c/w Mandolin King) 72 UK /M- 1500
S3345 LINDISFARNE meet me on the corner(Charisma SFL-1765 c/w All Fall Down, TC / UK folk)
 mad-hatter lab /
72 JP M-/M- 2500
S0767 LINDISFARNE taking care of business(Philips 6073349 c/w north country boy ) 73 D M-/Ex 1900
S2592 LINDISFARNE taking care of business(Charisma CB228) mad-hatter lab, c/w North Country Boy 74 UK /M- 1500
S0878 LINDISFARNE Friday girl(Subterranean SUB1 c/w 1983 / UK folk) 80 UK M-/M- 500
S1197 LINDISFARNE i must stop going to parties(Hangover HANG9 c/w See How They Run) 81 UK Ex/M- 1000
S0879 LINDISFARNE shine on(River City LIND1 c/w heroes & dance your life away / 3trk) 86 UK M-/Ex+ 500
S2187 LINDISFARNE lady eleanor(Philips 6073306 c/w Nothing But The Marvellous Is)
 early 70
s UK folk / rare German PS!
  D M-/M- 2900
S2749 LOS HUESPEDES FELICES se que hay algo magico(Animal S029 4trk7EP)
 Spanish mellow beat - power pop
97 SP M-/Ex 1000
S3346 LOUDEST WHISPER loud mouth(Polydor 2078135 c/w Hemlops Hammer ,Stoc,Srw)
 rare Irish folk rock - psyche.folk
81 IR Ex-/Ex 4900
S3198 LOVE SCULPTURE sabre dance(Odeon OR-2197 c/w Think Of Love / rare JPN 2trk7)
 WL / UK Welsh psyche - blues rock / f.Dave Edmunds
69 JP Ex+/Ex 9800
S3199 LUCIFERS FRIEND in the time of job when mammon was a yippie(Philips 6003161)
 c/w Lucifer
s Friend / f.John Lawton / German hard rock
71 D M-/M- 2900
S3347 LUCIFER'S FRIEND ride the sky(Philips SFL-1362 c/w Baby You're a Liar / with push-out center)
 rare JPN issue! / German hard rock
72 JP Ex+/M- 19800
S3310 LUV MACHINE happy days' reminiscing(Euro International R.I.N.P. 002 c/w Little Things)
 UK heavy psyche. / rare Italian PS! / rare single in 1972 or 1973 for Juke Box
  IT Ex/Ex 14800
SR0135 LYNSEY DE PAUL sugar me(MAM MAM81) c/w Storm in a Teacup, UK female pop 72 HO M-/Ex+ 1000
SR0139 LYNSEY DE PAUL getting a drag(MAM 6101 667) c/w Brandy, both non LP trks, UK pop - female vo 72 HO Ex/M- 1000
SR0140 LYNSEY DE PAUL sugar me(MAM 6.13027) c/w Won't Somebody Dance With Me <non LP trk>
 '81 issue
72 D M-/M- 1000
SR0134 LYNSEY DE PAUL rock bottom(Polydor 2058 859) c/w You Shoudn't Say That, UK female pop, Srw 77 HO Ex/M- 800
S3049 MADDY PRIOR stookie(Making Waves SURF108 c/w Incidental Music From Stookie)
/ ex-Steeleye Span
85 UK FS/Ex 500
S1200 MADDY PRIOR & RICK KEMP happy families(Park PRKS3 c/w Whos Sorry Now) 90 UK M-/M- 1000
S2750 MAGIC BROOM my friend(Eikka BS-2 c/w Little Wizard / Swedish psyche.) 92 SW Ex/Ex 1000
S3050 MAGNA CARTA time for the leaving(Vertigo 6059043 swirl lab, rare PS c/w Wayfarin) 71 D Ex+/M- 2900
S1198 MAGNA CARTA highway to spain(Recorded Delivery RDR003 UK folk /Stoc)
 c/w Natural Born Loving Man
81 UK Ex/Ex 1000
S3348 MAMA LION give it everything i got(Philips 6078015) c/w Sister,Sister<non LP trk>
 US hard rock, f.Neil Merryweather / Stoc,soc,
盤、スリキズ有・音は良好 / sounds Ex+
73 FR VG+/Ex- 1900
S3052 MANFRED MANN up the junction(Fontana 267810TF MONO,rw c/w Sleepy Hollow)
 UK beat - mods /
68 D VG+/Ex+ 1900
S3200 MANNIN FOLK mannin folk sing(Kelly Recordings KEP1 4trk7 / UK folk with female vo) 76 UK Ex/Ex 1000
S2606 MARMALADE radancer(Decca DL25506 3 trk c/w Sarah & Just One Woman)
 early 70
s UK mellow pop
72 D M-/Ex+ 1900
S2607 MARMALADE falling apart at the seams(Bullet 1C006-97528 c/w Fly,Fly,Fly) 76 D Ex/M- 1500
S2608 MARMALADE hello baby(Bullet 1C006-99127 c/w Sentimental Value / mellow UK pop) 77 D Ex+/M- 19900
S2695 MARY HOPKIN temma harbour(Apple 2C006-91098) c/w Lontano Dagli Occhi, rare French PS! 70 FR M-/M- 6900
S0773 MAUDS ha ha ha(Mercury SM1051 c/w knock on wood / late 60s US beat)   JP Ex/M- 1900
R0094 MERI D. take me(Canyon International 7Y0108 c/w Feel Like Im Fallin / G/F cvr) 86 JP M-/M- 300
SR0043 MICHEL POLNAREFF love me,please love me <愛の願い>(Epic 83012 c/w Mes Regrets)
 g/f ps,
ジャケ、色やせ有 , yellow Epic lab
71 JP Ex/Ex 300
SR0042 MICHEL POLNAREFF tibilli <僕はロックン・ローラー>(Epic ECPB265 c/w Polnareve / dj) 73 JP Ex/Ex 300
SR0107 MICHEL POLNAREFF grolia(Epic ECPB-207 g/f PS,2trk7 ,yellow lab c/w Je Cherche Un Job) 73 JP Ex+/M- 500
S2326 MONTROSE I got the fire(Warner Bros.P-1362W c/w Paper Money / US hard) 74 JP M-/M- 2500
S2327 MONTROSE matriach(Warner Bros.P-1422W c/w Twenty Flight Rock) 75 JP M-/M- 2500
SR0112 MOODY BLUES the story in your eyes(Threshold TH-5) G/F ps, white & pink lab, c/w Emily's Song 71 JP Ex+/Ex+ 1000
SR0119 MOODY BLUES ride my see-saw(Deram D-1103) c/w A Simple Game 72 JP Ex+/M- 1000
SR0120 MOODY BLUES i'm just a singer <in a rock and roll band>(Threshold TH-7) c/w For My Lady 73 JP M-/Ex+ 1000
SR0086 NAZARETH may the sunshine(Vertigo SFL-2388 sample copy, rare 2trk7) 78 JP Ex+/Ex+ 2500
S3350 NEVADA in the bleak midwinter(Polydor POSP203 c/w Picures in the Fire, Stoc,Srw, red lab)
 f.Annie Haslam, Peter Gosling, Michael Dunford ex-Renaissance
 UK prog.folk - pop / rare PS
80 UK Ex/Ex 1900
SR0040 NEW TROLLS cadenza-andante con moto(Seven Seas CM256)
 c/w La Prima Goccia Bagna Il Viso
79 JP Ex+/Ex 2000
S2879 NICKY MOORE BAND the other side(Street Tunes STS008 c/w Long Time)
 ex-Hackensack, post-Samson /
76 recorded bluesy UK rock
81 UK /Ex 6900
SR0071 NILSSON without you(RCA SS2147 c/w Driving Along / orange RCA lab) 71 JP Ex+/M- 500
S2100 NO TO CO zegnaj tom(Pronit N0524 rare 4trk EP / mellow Polish pop - beat) 68 PO Ex/VG+ 1000
SR0111 NOLANS im in the mood for dancing(Epic 06-5P-111 c/w Dont Let Me Be the Last to Know) 79 JP M-/M- 300
SR0041 NOLANS whos gonna rock you(Epic 07-5P-133 c/w Better Late Than Never) 80 JP Ex+/M- 300
S2331 OLE IDOLE ayatollah(Notabene NBS814 c/w ann helen / Norwegian pop rock) 85 NR M-/M- 1000
SR0093 OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN take me home country roads(EMI EMR-20105 G/F cvr)
 c/w Don
t Stop Believin
76 JP M-/M- 500
S2880 PACIFIC DRIFT water woman(Deram 333.008 c/w Yes You Do / UK psyche. /Srw) 70 FR Ex-/Ex 1900
S2480 PALLAS shock treatment(Harvest PLS2 ltd poster cvr c/w March On Atlantis / UK prog.) 84 UK M-/M- 1500
SR0031 PAUL INDER machine city(Canyon International 7Y0027 c/w Sound Of Music / WL)
 Son of Lemmy<Motorhead>
81 JP M-/M- 1500
SR0077 PAUL McCARTNEY + WINGS helen wheels(Apple/Toshiba EMI EAR-10464 Red Wax) G/F ps, Apple label 73 JP Ex+/Ex+ 1500
SR0092 PAUL SIMON mother and child reunion(CBS/Sony SOPA5 c/w Paranoia Blues / G/F cvr) 72 JP Ex+/M- 300
S0897 PENDRAGON saved by you(Toff PEND7S c/w lady luck / UK prog.) 89 UK M-/Ex+ 500
S0899 PICKETYWITCH sad old kinda movie(Pye DV11078 c/w times / fine UK soft rock) 70 D Ex/Ex- 2500
S0900 PICKETYWITCH that same old feeling(Pye DV11013 c/w maybe weve been loving) 70 D Ex+/Ex 1500
S0902 PICKETYWITCH baby i wont let you down(Pye 14781AT c/w please bring her back ) 71 D Ex/Ex 1500
S0903 PICKETYWITCH waldo p.emerson jones(Pye 14893AT c/w there he goes / Srw)   D Ex/Ex 1500
S2628 PILOT call me round(EMI 2287 c/w Do Me Good / UK pop) 75 UK /M- 1000
S1517 PRELUDE after the goldrush(AFT02 c/w I Have No Answers / 82 released Picture Vinyl)
 UK folk
73 UK /Ex 500
SR0068 QUEEN somebody to love(Elektra P-78E c/w White Man) 76 JP M-/M- 1500
S3087 RAINBOW BAND simple song(Elektra EK45730 WL c/w Midnight Sun / US psyche.) 71 UK FS/M- 1000
S3296 RAW MATERIAL traveller man part 1 & 2(Fever F1001 c/w part 2 / rare Belgian PS! / UK prog.) 70 BL Ex/Ex 4900
SR0090 REO SPEEDWAGON in your letter(Epic 07-5P-130 2trk7 c/w Keep On loving You) 80 JP M-/M- 300
SR0091 ROD STEWART farewell(Mercury SFL-1876 c/w Bring It on Home To Me You Send Me)
 The vinyl has a cloudy part on both side, sounds Ex+ /
74 JP Ex+/Ex- 500
SR0035 ROD STEWART standin in the shadows of love(Warner Bros. P-449W c/w Last Summer) 78 JP Ex+/M- 300
S0914 ROLLING STONES bye bye johnny +3(Decca DFE8560 blue boxed logo,mono,LC / 4trk)
 early 70
s issue
64 UK M-/M- 4900
SR0143 ROLLING STONES 19th nervous breakdown(London TOP-1020) c/w The Spider And The Fly
 black lab,
66 JP Ex+/Ex+ 1000
S0916 RONNIE LANE how come(GM GMS011 3trk7EP) 73 UK M-/M- 2900
S2108 RUMOUR frozen years(Stiff BUY43 c/w All Fall Down / UK pub rock) 78 UK Ex/Ex 1000
SR0059 RUNNER fooling myself(Acrobat BAT8 rw , c/w Truly From Within / UK AOR /f.Allan Merrill) 79 UK VG+/Ex+ 500
S0917 RUNRIG hearthammer ep(Chrysalis CHS3754 4trk EP inc,2 live / UK scotish celtic) 91 UK M-/M- 1500
SR0123 SAILOR stiletto heels(Epic EPC4620) c/w Out Of Money, UK pop rock 76 D Ex+/Ex+ 500
SR0126 SAILOR one drink too many(Epic EPC4804) c/w Melancholy, UK pop rock 76 D Ex+/Ex+ 500
SR0124 SAILOR romance(Epic EPC5758) c/w Istanbul, UK pop rock 77 D Ex+/Ex+ 500
SR0125 SAILOR all i need is a girl(Epic EPC6242) c/w Copacabana, 両面LP未収,non LP trks 78 D Ex+/Ex+ 800
S0796 SAM APPLE PIE call me boss(DJM DJS274 c/w old tom / rare single! with factory sleeve) 72 UK FS/Ex 1000
S3354 SANDY DENNY whispering grass(Island 6138 055 c/w Until the Real Thing Comes Along)
 sobc / rare French PS!
74 FR Ex+/M- 3500
deliah(Vertigo 6059125 c/w soul in chains /Swoc) 75 D Ex/M- 1900
delilah(Vertigo 6059125 c/w soul in chains ) 75 D M-/M- 1900
delilah(Vertigo ALEX001 c/w Soul In Chains) 75 UK Ex/Ex 1000
SR0116 SEVENTH WAVE things to come(Gull GU100) c/w Fail To See, UK prog., rare Italian textured PS 75 IT Ex+/M- 1500
S3355 SHIRLEY COLLINS shirley sings irish(Collector Records JEI 1508 LC,flip cvr / with Robin Hall)
 very rare 5trk 7"EP with push-out center / UK female trad. - folk
64 UK Ex+/Ex+ 12800
SR0055 SLADE mama weer all crazee now(Polydor DP1890 c/w Man Who Speeks Evil) 72 JP Ex+/Ex+ 2900
SR0056 SLADE move over(Polydor DP1918 c/w Let The Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine) 73 JP Ex+/M- 1500
S3103 SLADE okey cokey(Speed SPEEDP201 ltd Picture Vinyl / c/w Get Down And Get With It) 82 UK /Ex- 500
S0924 SMALL FACES the universal(Immediate IM23856 c/w donkey rides a penny a throw )
 rare German PS! /
68 D Ex/Ex 2900
SR0137 SMOKIE it's your life(Rak 5C006-99189) TC, UK pop rock
 c/w Now You Think You Know <non LP trk>, B
77 HO Ex+/M- 800
SR0138 SMOKIE on carol(Rak 5C006-60762) TC, c/w Will You Love Me, UK pop rock 78 HO Ex+/Ex+ 500
SR0136 SMOKIE san francisco bay(Rak 1A006-63644) Srw, UK pop rock
c/w You're You <non LP trk>, B
80 HO Ex/Ex+ 500
S1815 SPECTRUM Ill be gone(Harvest HAR9329 c/w Launching Palce partt.2)
 Aussie jazz rock - prog.
71 AU /Ex+ 1000
S3286 SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN i want you(Carnaby YR-2640 c/w Ride On / UK psyche.) 70 JP Ex+/M- 9800
S3287 SPIRIT OF JOHN MORGAN age machine(Carnaby YR-2784 WL, g/f PS, c/w Mumbo Jumbo) 70 JP Ex+/M- 9800
S1818 SPIROGYRA dangerous dave(Brain 502 Swoc c/w Captains Log / rare German ps!)
 UK prog.folk
72 D Ex/M- 3500
S1545 STATUS QUO down down(Vertigo 6059114 c/w Night Ride / rare French PS!) 75 FR M-/M- 2500
SR0070 STATUS QUO roll over lay down(Vertigo SFL2036 c/w Juniors Wailing) 75 JP Ex/Ex+ 3900
SR0083 STATUS QUO mystery song(Vertigo SFL-2096 Textured cvr, Ssoc / rare 2trk7) 76 JP Ex-/Ex+ 2900
SR0084 STATUS QUO rain(Vertigo SFL-2072 Textured cvr, Stoc / rare 2trk7) 76 JP Ex/Ex+ 4900
S1273 STEELEYE SPAN thomas the rhymer(Chrysalis 6155024 green lab /rare German PS!)
 c/w The Mooncoin Jig
74 D M-/M- 2900
S0806 STEELEYE SPAN the boars head carol(Chrysalis CHS2192 green lab,scarce PS! 3trkEP)
 c/w gaudete & some rival
77 UK Ex/M- 2300
S1275 STEELEYE SPAN the boars head carol(Chrysalis CHS2192 3trk / UK trad.-folk) 77 UK Ex/M- 1900
S2353 STEELEYE SPAN sails of silver(Chrysalis CHS2479 c/w Senior Service / UK folk - trad.) 80 UK Ex+/Ex+ 1000
S2354 STEELEYE SPAN gone to america(Chrysalis CHS2503 c/w Let Her Go Down / UK folk) 81 UK Ex/Ex+ 1000
S1276 STEELEYE SPAN following me(Dover FLUT4 c/w Two Butchers / UK folk) 89 UK M-/M- 1000
SR0115 STEVE HILLAGE six-pack six-track(Virgin SIXPACK2) ltd 5000 6trk Picture Vinyl
 die-cut cvr as a stand, inc, The Salmon Song, It's All Too Much, The Golden Vibe
 Not Fade Away, Electrick Gypsies, Radio
77 UK M-/Ex+ 800
SR0114 STEVE HILLAGE don't dither do it(Virgin VS313) c/w Getting In Tune, red & green lab 79 UK Ex+/Ex+ 500
SR0113 STEVE HILLAGE kamikaze eyes(Virgin VS574) c/w Before The World Was Made, red & green lab 83 UK M-/M- 500
S1662 STONE THE CROWS good time girl(Polydor 2058301 c/w On The Highway) 72 D Ex/M- 1900
SR0144 STORIES brother louie(Kama Sutra LL-2613-KS) c/w Changes Have Begun, f.Ian Lloyd 73 JP Ex+/Ex+ 500
S1053 STRAWBS lady down(A&M 12396AT) brown lab, c/w backside, 70s UK prog.folk   D M-/M- 2500
S3307 STRAY give a little bit(Pye MA-25-Y c/w Everybodys Song / UK hard rock / sounds EX+) 76 JP Ex+/Ex- 2900
SR0121 STRING DRIVEN THING cruel to fool(Charisma 6073384) non LP trk! , UK prog. Pop c/w Josephine
 rare Dutch PS!
76 HO Ex/Ex+ 1900
S1822 SUGARLOAF green-eyed lady(Liberty LR2627 c/w West Of Tomorrow) 70 JP M-/M- 1500
SR0110 SURVIVOR burning heart(Scotti Brothers 7Y0096 c/w Eye of the Tiger) 85 JP Ex+/M- 300
SR0052 SUZI QUATRO daytona demon(Odeon EOR10480 g/f ps , c/w Roman Fingers) 73 JP M-/M- 300
SR0050 SUZI QUATRO your mamma wont like me(EMI EMR10715 c/w Peter,Peter) 75 JP Ex/M- 300
SR0051 SUZI QUATRO i may be too young(RAK ERR10800 c/w Dont Mess Around) 75 JP M-/M- 300
SR0049 SUZI QUATRO half as much as me(RAK ERR20210 c/w American Lady) 76 JP M-/M- 300
SR0122 SWEET action(Capitol ECR-10940) c/w Medussa, UK glam hard rock 76 JP Ex/M- 500
SR0063 TEAZE boys night out(Overseas MA98V c/w Believe In Rock & Roll / Canadian hard / dj) 78 JP M-/M- 800
S1547 TEE SET ma belle amie(Hansa 14455AT c/w The Angels Coming / Dutch psyche.beat) 70 D Ex+/Ex+ 1500
S2911 TERRY WOODS tennessee stud(Chiswick CHIS142 c/w I Dont Know About Love)
 fantastic Irish folk rock / f.Phil Lynott / very rare single! / ex-Steeleye Span
81 UK Ex/M- 18800
S1827 THIN LIZZY whiskey in the jar(Decca DL25556 c/w Black Boys On The Corner / rare ps) 73 D M-/Ex 2900
S2499 THIN LIZZY little darling(Decca F13507 c/w Buffalo Gal / rare promo lab!) 74 UK /M- 2900
S2500 THIN LIZZY philomena(Vertigo 6059111 c/w Sha-La-La / rare German PS!) 74 D M-/M- 3900
S2501 THIN LIZZY its only money(Vertigo 6059122 c/w Night Life / rare German PS!) 74 D M-/M- 3900
S2502 THIN LIZZY rosalie(Vertigo 6059124 c/w Halfcastle<non LP trk> / Swoc / rare German PS) 75 D Ex/M- 2900
S1828 THIN LIZZY dancing in the moonlight(Vertigo 6059177 c/w Bad Reputation) 77 D M-/M- 2500
S2912 TOE FAT just like me(Rare Earth R5019 c/w Bad Side Of The Moon / UK hard/ pre-Uriah Heep) 70 US Ex/Ex 1500
SR0109 TOMMY SHAW jealousy(A&M AMP-223 c/w Free to Love You / ex-Styx) 84 JP M-/M- 300
S3270 TREVOR RABIN looking for a lady(Chrysalis WWS-17089 WL, Sdh / c/w Lost In Love / post-Yes) 80 JP Ex+/M- 2500
S3237 TROGGS everythings funny(Pye UP-388-Y c/w Feels Like A Woman / rare JPN PS!)
 UK rock / Prod; Roger Bain / sample copy
72 JP M-/M- 2900
S3356 UK nothing to lose(Polydor DPQ6138) c/wIn the Dead of Night <'79 vers>, sobc
 B面は'79 version with Terry Bozzio, Eddie Jobson, 1stとは別テイク!
79 JP Ex/M- 4900
S1301 URIAH HEEP lady in black(Vertigo 6059037 swirl lab,c/w Simon The Bullit Freak /Swoc) 71 D Ex+/M- 2900
S2027 URIAH HEEP return to fantasy(Bronze 16439AT c/w The Time Will Come) 75 D Ex-/Ex+ 1500
S2222 URIAH HEEP come back to me(Bronze 15881AT c/w Cheater<non LP trk> / UK hard) 78 D Ex-/Ex+ 1900
theme one(Charisma CB175 c/w W / pink lab/ rare PS) 72 UK Ex/Ex 2900
S3243 WARHORSE st.louis(Vertigo 6059027 c/w No Chance / swirl lab / ジャケ、軽いスレ有) 71 HO Ex-/Ex 2900
S0820 WHITE PLAINS julie do you love me(Deram DM315 WL c/w i need everlasting love )
 fine UK mellow pop / rare German PS!
70 D Ex/Ex+ 1900
SR0028 WHITNEY HOUSTON didnt we almost have it all(Arista 7RS158 c/w Shock Me / WL) 87 JP M-/M- 300
S2521 WHO dont let go the coat(Polydor WHO5 c/w You) 81 UK Ex/M- 1000
S2237 WILDHEARTS urge(Mushroom MUSH14S c/w Lost Highway / heavy UK rock) 97 UK M-/M- 1000
S3248 WISHBONE ASH blowin free(MCA D-1177 WL c/w No Easy Road / rare JPN press!) 72 JP M-/M- 5900
S3148 YOUNG & MOODY BAND dont do that(Bronze BRO130 f.Micky Moody,Bob Young)
 c/w How Can I Help You Tonight / with Cozy Powell,Lemmy
80 UK Ex+/Ex+ 1000
SR0073 YOUNG & MOODY BAND dont do that(Bronze/Victor VIPX1606)
 c/w How Can I Help You Tonight / f.Cozy Powell,Lemmy
82 JP M-/M- 2500
SR0108 Z.Z.TOP sleeping bag(Warner Bros. P-2023 c/w Party on the Patio) 85 JP Ex+/M- 300


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