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Item No. ARTIST title  (Label / Catalog Number) +information Yr Stat Condition Price
S3384 BRALLAN handgranat och bajonett(Silence Zing101) c/w At Mera Grot
 a.k.a Gudibrallan, Swedish psyche.folk rock 1st single, both non LP trks
71 SW M-/Ex+ 3980
S3422 BRIDGET ST.JOHN to b without a hitch(Dandelion 4404) c/w Autumn Lullaby, orange lab, Stoc,Swobc
 UK female folk, sounds Ex
70 HO VG+/VG+ 3880
S3421 BRIDGET ST.JOHN fly high(Dandelion 2001-280) very rare 3trk7" with PS, rw,tol, inc,2 non LP trks!
 UK female folk
72 UK VG+/Ex 9880
S3440 CAMEL the snow goose(Decca F13603) c/w Freefall, very rare Italian ps! 75 IT M-/M- 3880
S3436 CAROL GRIMES & DELIVERY harry lucky(B&C CB129) non LP trk! c/w Homemade Ruin, jazzy UK prog. 70 UK /Ex+ 3880
S3375 CHARLOTTE GAINSBOURG don't forget to forget me(Philips 7PP-226) French female pop
 c/w Charlotte For Ever, sample
86 JP M-/M- 4880
S2260 COBRA the eclipse(High Roller HRR632) 2trk7", Black Vinyl
 Peru' power metal like 80's
17 D M-/SS 980
S3383 COCTEAU TWINS peppermint pig(4AD AD303) c/w Laugh Lines, UK new wave 83 UK Ex+/M- 1880
S3382 COCTEAU TWINS pearly - dewdrop's drops(4AD AD405) c/w Pepper-Tree 84 UK M-/M- 1880
S3381 COCTEAU TWINS iceblink luck(4AD Ad0011) c/w Mizake The Mizan, UK new wave 90 UK M-/M- 1880
S3379 COCTEAU TWINS bluebeard(Fontana CT2) c/w Three Swept, ltd 2trk7"
 UK Scottish post punk - new wave
91 UK M-/M- 1880
S3380 COCTEAU TWINS twinlights(Fontana CT3 852 056-7) ltd 2 x 7" +2 x in-slv +outer slv
 +merchandise card, UK new wave - post punk
95 UK M-/M-/M- 4880
S3378 COCTEAU TWINS night must fall(FUNN FUNN-11) Collectors 2trk7", radio session '83
 UK Scottish new wave - post punk,
ネオアコ, light green vinyl
  UK? M-/M- 2980
S3443 CURVED AIR back street luv(Warner Bros. 16 092) c/w Everdance, green lab
 rare French cvr with foldable tag
71 FR Ex+/Ex+ 1880
S3444 CURVED AIR back street luv(Warner Bros. 16 092) c/w Everdance, green lab, Dutch ps! 71 HO Ex/Ex+ 1880
S3442 CURVED AIR it happened today(Warner Bros. 16073) green lab, rw, German ps!
 c/w What Happens What You Blow Yourself Up <non LP trk>
71 D VG+/Ex+ 1980
S3445 CURVED AIR renegade(Pearl Key PK07350) c/w We're Only Human, both non LP trk 84 UK M-/M- 2480
S3400 DEAD END replica <><remix>(Major MAJ-001) +inst, c/w Worst Song 88 JP Ex+/M- 1000
S3364 DIAMOND HEAD four cuts(MCA DHM101) 4trk EP inc, 2 non LP trks, NWOBHM 82 UK M-/Ex+ 1500
S3450 DR.FEELGOOD as long as the price is right(United Artists XUP36506) ltd Blue Vinyl, 2trk
 c/w Down At The (Other) Doctors, UK pub rock
79 UK Ex+/M- 1480
S3410 EAST OF EDEN boogie woogie flu(Harvest 1C006-93840) c/w Last Dance Of The Clown
 both non LP trks <
両面アルバム未収録>, Swoc
72 D Ex+/M- 1980
S2261 ENTRENCH + INSANE same(High Roller HRR353) Swedish thrash 4trax split 7"EP +inst
 ltd White Vinyl
14 D M-/UNP 500
S3371 FRANK ZAPPA i don't wanna get drafted(CBS S CBS 8652) c/w Ancient Armaments
 both non LP trks! <
80 UK Ex+/Ex 1000
S3452 FREDDIE MERCURY i was born to love you(CBS/Sony 07SP886) c/w Stop All The Fighting 85 JP M-/M- 1480
S3441 GENESIS many too many(Charisma 6079 467) c/w The Day The Light Went Out, both non LP trks!
 mad-hatter lab, very rare Misprint wrong title on cvr!, Srw
78 IT Ex/Ex 3880
S3386 GILLAN trouble(Virgin VS377) G/F, original sticker on cvr, 2 x 7" dbl-pk, 5trk
 c/w Your Sisters On My List, Mr.Universe<live>, Vengeance<live>
 Smoke On The Water<live>
80 UK Ex+/M-/M- 1500
S3414 GREEN DAY 1,000 hours(Look Out #17) 4trk7"EP, rare pink slv! Laytonville address
 Matrix : Lookout-17-A kdisc NO WAY! L 32739,
 Lookout-17-B kdisc TOO COOL! L 32739X, US punk - melodic core
89 US Ex+/M- 12800
S3374 GROBSCHNITT sonnenflug(Metronome M25.734) non LP trk! c/w Der Clown, Srw
 German prog.
76 D Ex/Ex+ 3880
S3390 GUAYS, THE goo! choki! punch!(十三月の甲虫 JSGM-0012) +inst, 4trk7"EP
 JPN punk, Prod;
15 JP Ex+/M- 1000
S3385 GUTHRIE THOMAS you & me(Eagle SMS4180) c/w I Believe, US SSW - folk rock 74 US Ex+/Ex+ 1200
S3418 HEADS HANDS & FEET look at the world it's changing(Capitol CR-2868) G/F ps
 c/w Send Me A Wire, green lab, UK rock
71 JP M-/Ex+ 1880
S3409 IRON HEAD second to none(O.P.M. OPMR001) Canada' authentic metal, ltd 500
 recorded in 1981
98 US M-/M- 2880
S3405 IRON RAINBOW metal man(Bad Posture BP-05) c/w Ten rounds Of Combat, US metal 97 US M-/M- 1880
S3392 JOKER'S WILD don't ask me(JW001) 2trk 7", Collector's issue, f.David Gilmour
  UK? M-/M- 3880
S3435 JONESY sunset and evening star(Pye 45.PY.4291) c/w Song, UK prog., rare French cvr 73 FR Ex/Ex 1880
S3377 LED ZEPPELIN trampled under foot(Swan Song P-1361N) c/w Black Country Woman 75 JP Ex+/Ex+ 1650
S3376 LED ZEPPELIN fool in the rain(Swan Song P-530N) c/w Hot Dog 79 JP M-/Ex 1650
S3428 LESLEY DUNCAN love melts away(Philips SFL-1858) c/w We'll Get By, UK female pop - SSW 74 JP M-/Ex+ 3880
S3407 LONEWOLF holy evil(Lonewolf LON001) +inst, 2trk7", French authentic metal 95 FR Ex+/M- 1880
S3396 LORD SUTCH cause i love you(Atlantic ATL70439) c/w Flashing Lights
 f.Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, John Bonham, Nicky Hopkins, Noel Redding
70 D Ex+/Ex+ 3880
S3370 MANFRED MANN my name is jack(Fontana 267 851TF) c/w There is a Man, mono
 non LP trk! UK beat - mods
68 D Ex+/Ex+ 1880
S3372 MOODY BLUES nights in white satin(Deram D-1026) c/w Cities, G/F ps, JPN orig. single
 original cvr!
68 JP M-/M- 1880
S3391 MY DYING BRIDE sexuality of bereavement(Peaceville CC5) ltd 1000 2trk7"
 UK doom death, very rare!
94 UK Ex+/Ex+ 9880
S3434 NICE ,THE brandenburger(Immediate IMF515) non LP trk, c/w Happy Freuds, Srw, sol, UK art rock 68 FR Ex/Ex 1880
S3419 NIRVANA <UK> love is(United Artists 5C006-62142) c/w Pascale, UK psyche. - art rock 78 HO Ex+/M- 1000
S3439 NIRVANA <UK> restless wind(United Artists UP36538) c/w Thank You & Goodnight, both non LP trks, Srw 79 UK Ex/Ex+ 1880
S3368 OCTOPUS the river(Penny Farthing 3C006-91455M) c/w Thief, mono, UK psyche. 70 D M-/M- 2480
S3367 OCTOPUS the river(Penny Farthing 3C006-91455M) c/w Thief, Stoc, UK psyche. 70 IT Ex/Ex+ 1980
S3388 PARADISE LOST in requiem(Century Media77637-1) 4 x 7" single +CD +poster
 ltd 2000 BOX, UK gothic metal - death metal
07 D M-/all M- 4880
S3365 PETER GABRIEL modern love(Charisma 6073 398) c/w Slowburn, mad-hatter lab 77 HO Ex+/Ex+ 1000
S3397 PINK FLOYD bbc pig out(Instant Analysis BBR-S-002) Collector's 3trk7"EP
 light blue cvr, orange lab, BBC recordings '68 c/w Julia Dream,
 Muderlistic Woman, Let There Be More Light
87 US Ex+/Ex+ 3880
S3423 PINK FLOYD high hopes(EMI EM342) ltd poster bag +standard PS, Clear Vinyl, 2trk7", pic lab 94 UK M-/M- 3880
S3420 PINK FLOYD take it back(EMI EM309) ltd Maroon Colour Vinyl
 c/w Astronomy Domine<live>
94 UK M-/M- 2480
S3394 PINK FLOYD scream thy last scream(Zonophone Ld006) Collector's 2trk7"
 c/w Vegetable Man, recorded in 1967
99 EU M-/M- 6880
S3393 PINK FLOYD see emily play(- - -) Collector's RE of very rare Spanish 4trk 7" '67
 WL + 2 x blue label sticker,
 c/w Arnold Layne, Scarecrow, Candy And A Currant Bun
12 SP? M-/M- 4880
S3369 PINK FLOYD see emily play <alternative version>(PF-A/PF-B) +2 inserts with lyrics
 c/w Scream Thy Last Scream (Proposed 1968 Single - Final Mix)
 plain pink lab, 80's Italian release?
  EU M-/M- 3880
S3411 PINK FLOYD unreleased material from the saucerful sessions
 (Angry Taxman ATR002) ltd Blue Vinyl, unreleased session '68, 2trk
  EU? M-/M- 4880
S3401 PRAYING MANTIS cheated(Arista ARIST378) 2 x 7" 4trk dbl-pk, G/F, great NWOBHM
 inc, Thirty Pieces of Silver <non LP trk> + 2 live trks
81 UK Ex/
S3431 PRELUDE or maybe the autumn(Pye UP-473-Y) c/w After The Goldrush, sample, UK mellow folk
 male & female vo
73 JP M-/M- 2480
S3432 PRELUDE a love song(Dawn UP-508-YD) c/w Best Of Bad Time, sample, UK mellow folk 76 JP M-/Ex+ 1480
S3448 PRETTY THINGS private sorrow(Odeon/Toshiba OR-2226) c/w Balloon Burning, G/F ps
裏ジャケ、薄い茶色のシミやや目立つもかなりの美品です, beautiful copy!
  JP Ex+/M- 48800
S3415 QUEEN keep yourself alive(Elektra P-1290E) c/w Son And Daughter
 1st single in Japan, caterpillar lab
74 JP Ex+/M- 9880
S3361 QUEEN it's late(Elektra P-271E) c/w Sheer Heart Attack 77 JP Ex+/M- 1980
S3438 QUEEN save me(Elektra P-550E) c/w Sheer Heart Attack 80 JP M-/M- 1480
S3373 RARE BIRD what you want to know(Philips 6073 302) c/w Hammerhead, mono 71 D Ex/M- 1500
S3389 REFLECTION <SW> get close to me(A Flying Prod. ES8601) c/w Celebration, soc
 Swedish pop - Euro beat, f.Eskil Stienborg female vo
86 SW Ex/Ex+ 1880
S3408 REFLECTION <GR> sire of the storm(Dark Side DSR007) 2trk7", Greek epic metal 95 GR M-/M- 1880
S3366 ROD STEWART oh! no not my baby(Mercury SFL-1828) c/w Jodie, rare JPNcvr 73 JP Ex+/Ex+ 2880
S3433 ROUGH DIAMOND rock 'n' roll(Island ILR-20291) c/w Seasong, f.David Byron, Clem Clempson 77 JP M-/M- 1880
S3449 ROY WOOD forever(Odeon/Toshiba EMI EOR-10494) c/w Music To Commit Suicide By, WL
73 JP Ex/M- 9880
S3412 SHOGUN high in the sky(Attack ATA913) c/w When The Lights Go Down
 UK authentic metal, f.Alan Marsh ex-Tokyo Blade
86 UK Ex/M- 2880
S3426 SILVERHEAD ace supreme(Odeon/Toshiba EOR-10389) triple G/F ps, WL 72 JP Ex+/Ex+ 3880
S3395 SLAPP HAPPY everybody's slimmin'(Half-Cat HC001) c/w Even Men & Women!
 UK art rock - avant-garde
 both non LP trk<
83 UK Ex+/M- 1980
S3447 SONJA KRISTINA st.tropez(Chopper CHOP101) c/w Mr.Skin, ex-Curved Air 80 UK M-/Ex+ 1650
anna(Pearlkey OK1SK) c/w Devil My Care, ex-Curved Air, Srw 90 UK Ex/M- 1480
S3359 SOURCE spelling swords(High Roller HRR673) ltd Red Vinyl, 2trk7"
 dark Swedish authentic metal like Mercyful Fate
19 D M-/UNP 980
S3427 SPIDERS OF MARS good day america(Pye MA-27-Y) c/w Stranger To My Door, sample, UK rock, ex-Kestrel
盤、軽いスレ有・音は良好, some hairlines, sounds Ex+
76 JP Ex+/Ex- 3480
i want you(Carnaby YR-2640) c/w Ride On, WL<白レーベル>
 UK psyche.
70 JP Ex+/M- 5880
S3424 SPIROGYRA dangerous dave(Brain 502) c/w Captains Log, green lab, rare German ps!, Ssoc
 UK prog.folk
72 D Ex/M- 2880
S3451 SPRIGUNS white witch(Decca F13739) c/w Time Will Pass, UK folk, female vo, promo copy
 promo white & purple lab, +push-out center
77 UK /M- 3880
S3399 SYD BARRETT sorcerer's apprentice(- - - SYD66) ltd Red Vinyl, Collector's 3trk7"
 inc, Lucy Leave, King Bee, Astronomy Titania from rare acetate '65
90? US Ex+/M- 3480
S3398 SYD BARRETT vinyl sessions e.p.(Octopus NR-16509) 4trkEP, studio outtakes '69 - '71
 inc, Dark Globe, Word Song, Birdy Hop, Milky Way
    Ex+/M- 3880
S3417 TEA & SYMPHONY boredom(Harvest HAR5005) non LP trk! c/w Armchair Theatre
 UK psyche.folk rock - prog., +push center +factory slv<toc>
面、アルバム未収、盤、スレはあるが音は良好, sounds Ex
69 UK VG+/VG+ 1980
S3362 TED NUGENT dog eat dog(CBS/Sony 06SP117) c/w Free-For-All 76 JP M-/M- 1480
S3402 THIN LIZZY killer on the loose(Vertigo LIZZY77) ltd 2 x 7" dbl-pk, LC, 4trks
 c/w Don't Play Around, Chinatown<live>, Got To Give It Up<live>
80 UK Ex+/M-/M- 1880
S3416 THIN LIZZY trouble boys(Vertigo 6059452) c/w Memory Pain
 Austria only swirl lab!
81 AR Ex+/M- 9880
S3403 TRESPASS one of these days(Trial CASE1) c/w Bloody Moon, NWOBHM classic 79 UK M-/Ex+ 7980
S3404 VALHALLA still in love with you(Neat 36) 2trk7", NWOBHM 84 UK M-/M- 1880
S3425 WIZZARD rock n' roll winter(Warner Bros. P-1343W) c/w Dream Of Unwin, WL, f.Roy Wood 74 JP Ex+/Ex 3880
S3406 WRAITH lonely(P.M.P. SSCT1) 1st 2trk 7"single, UK authentic metal 87 UK Ex+/Ex+ 2880
S3413 WRITING ON THE WALL man of renown(Pye 7N 45251) c/w Buffalo, promo copy
 both non LP trk <
両面アルバム未収>, UK psyche., sounds Ex+
73 UK /Ex 2980


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