12"/LP A-L
12"/LP M-Z


Item No. ARTIST title  (Label / Catalog Number) +information Yr Stat Condition Price
CD8279 ABADDON same(Last Warrior - - - 80's Mexican thrash - speed metal reunion)
 with female vo / 1st full-length
10 MX M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8471 ABATTOIR the only safe place(Century Media 66020-2) US speed metal 2nd
 '99 issue
86 D Ex+/M- 3500
CD8478 ABIGOR supreme immortal art(Napalm NPR040) Austrian black metal 4th 98 AR M-/Ex+ 3980
CD8477 ACID REIGN moshkinstein(Lost & Found LFR1010-2) 1st 6trk EP
 +cassette only 7trks demo album '87 / UK thrash, '10 issue
88 US M-/M- 2980
P085 ACRIMONY tumuli shroomaroom(Pony Canyon PCCY-01152) +obi, 帯背表紙、やや色褪せ
 UK doom - stoner 2nd
97 JP M-/M- 1980
CD8253 ALAN O'DAY oh johnny!(Victor VICP-70138 US westcoast - pop / SHM-CD / '10 issue)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +in-slv +obi
79 JP M-/M- 4980
CD8467 ALLIANCE ,THE time(- - -) German thrash - power metal 1st, rare private, only album 97 D M-/M- 2980
CD8341 AMBER LUMBER mother moon(Whale Song WSR-003 +obi)
 groovy & emotional acoustic duo - SSW 2nd with female vo + male vo
18 JP M-/SS 2500
CD8392 AMERICAN TEARS tear gas(Avalon MICY-1067) +1 bonus +obi, US prog.hasrd 2nd
 f.Mark Mangold post-Touch / '98 issue
75 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8393 AMERICAN TEARS powerhouse(Avalon MICY-1068) +1 bonus +obi, US prog.hard 3rd
 f.Mark Mangold post-Touch / '98 issue
76 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8315 AMORBITAL invidia(Shock Wave SWR002-1 Slovakia' death metal 1st) 99 FR M-/M- 2980
CD8261 ANGELES DEL INFIERNO pacto con el diablo(WEA 403572 2 Spanish authentic metal 1st) 84 MX M-/Ex+ 2980
C044 ANIHILATED the ultimate desecration(Marquee MR043) +3 bonus, UK thrash 2nd
 '08 issue
89 BR M-/M- 2980
CD8451 APOCALIPSIS endemoniado(Yugular No666) 7 demos '85 + demos '88 + unreleased
 pre-Tren Loco, Argentina authentic metal, triple digi-pk +inst
05 AG M-/Ex+ 3980
CD8435 APOCRYPHA the forgotten scroll(Fems APCY-8036) +obi, '90 released JPN orig.CD
 US thrash - power metal 1st / 帯背表紙に色褪せ有
87 JP M-/M- 14800
CD8456 ARC raiders of the lost arc(High Roller HRR661) 2CD, NWOBHM legend
 '79年や'90年のスタジオ音源、後身のRed Hunterの'99年の音源を
 収録! 驚愕の コンプリート音源集
19 D M-/UNP 1980
CD8406 ARCHIE JAMES CAVANAUGH black & white raven(Celeste CMYK-6331) +obi, SHM-CD
 RE of US AOR - free soul, '10 issue
80 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8251 ARCTURUS aspera hiems symfonia(Century Black 7835-2 orig.cvr!)
 Norwegian symphonic black metal 1st
96 US M-/Ex 2980
R129 ASGARTH jainkoen egoitza(IZ IZ-523-KD) Spanish power metal 1st 99 SP M-/M- 3500
KS0383 ATOMIC ROOSTER made in england(Victor VICP-60816) UK heavy prog.4th
 ltd denim cvr like mini LP +inst +sticker for obi,
  '99 issue
72 JP M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8496 AUDIENCE audience…plus(Akarma AK357) +3 bonus, UK prog.1st, '07 issue 69 IT M-/SS 1880
CD8468 AUGUST <АВГУСТ> demon <демон>(Metalism MR059-11) +4 bonus
 Russian authentic metal 1st
87 RU M-/M- 4980
CD8351 AVALANCHE here comes the king(Avalanche CD AVA-0001 private release)
 German power metal 1st with melodic twin guitar leads
94 D M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8453 AXIS POINT same + boast of the town(BGO BGOCD576) 1st '78 + 2nd '80 on 1CD
 UK rock classic / f.Charlie Whitney ex-Family, Eddie Hardin / '02 issue
UK M-/SS 3980
CD8335 AZYMUTH > AZIMUTH same(Bomba BOM26006) Brazilian fusion - MPB 1st, SHM-CD
 '09 issue, ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi
75 JP M-/M- 2000
CD8429 BALWEZO WESTIJIZ urkraftens mystik(Ancient AR009) Swedish dark ambient 11 SW M-/M- 2500
CD8480 BARATHRUM okkult(Spinefarm spi107cd) Promotional copy Not for sale on label
 matrix : Sony DADC A0100326868-0101 22 A0
00 FN Ex+/M- 2980
CD8278 BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST time honoured ghosts(Universal UICY-9048 melodious UK prog.)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +in-slv +obi, '01 issue
75 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8400 BARNABAS the gospel according to barnabas(Thirne TRCD001)
 US hard rock '83 - '84 / '92 released comp.
92 US M-/M- 3980
CD8252 BARRY MANN survivor(BMG Japan BVCM-37619 +4 bonus / US AOR classic)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +in-slv +obi / '05 issue
75 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8494 BATTLECRY cry of the warrior(Stormspell SSR-RWH78) ltd 500RE +obi, '11 issue
85 US M-/M- 4980
CD8456 BIG DAISY same(High Roller HRR204CD) +obi /early 80’s NWOBHM
 幻のデモ、‘82年のオムニバスMetallic Storm収録曲、後身バンド
 Juryの音源2曲、全10曲 / 奇跡のリリース!
12 D M-/SS 3980
CD8485 BLACK DAWN blood for satan(Season of Mist SOM064) Finnish black metal 1st
 orig.CD with original logo, Matrix : DISTRONIC SOM 064 05
01 FR M-/Ex+ 4980
CD8481 CHARIOT burning ambition(Krescendo KRECD62) +7 bonus, deluxe edition
 NWOBHM 2nd, '12 issue
88 UK M-/SS 2500
CD8454 CHET ARTHUR buried alive(Presidential CD01) US melodious hard rock - mainstream
 with female vo
98 US M-/M- 2980
CD8431 CHRIS HILLMAN clear sailin'(Vivid/Wounded Bird VSCD-5288/WOU1104)
 +Japanese inst +obi / ex-Byrds / '02 issue
77 US
M-/M- 1880
HS133 CLAUDINE LONGET run wild, run free(A&M/Universal UICY-93263)
 US female pop from France 5th / Prod; Nick De Caro
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '07 issue
70 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8378 CLIMAX CHICAGO BLUES BAND a lot of bottle(Air Mail AIRAC-1265) +1 bonus, UK blues rock 3rd
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi
70 JP M-/M- 2980
CD8463 CLOVEN HOOF dominator(High Roller HRR557) UK authentic metal - NWOBHM 2nd 88 D M-/SS 1680
CD8270 COGENCY the cogency revenge(D&S DSRCD0230 German thrash 1st / rare CD) 93 D M-/Ex+ 9880
KS0346 COMUS first utterance + single(Arcangelo ARC-7123/24) RE of very rare UK prog.
 +replica 3" 3trj CD with PS of Diana 7"EP '71<未開封>, '05 issue
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +inst +obi
71 JP M-/M-/M- 3980
CD8254 COVENANT in times before the light(Mordgrimm GRIMM ONE CD)
 Norwegian black metal 1st / matrix :
 GRIMM ONE 10439961 01 %
97 UK Ex+/Ex 2980
CD8448 CREEPING DEATH forgotten tomorrow(- - -) 5 trk EP, private German power metal, very rare! 00 D M-/M- 22800
CD8346 CRUACHAN tuatha na gael(Nazgul Eyrie NEP005 Irish folk metal 1st / original CD) 95 D M-/M- 2980
CD8355 DAVID ZAFFIRO yesterday's left behind(Frontline FLD9464) US melodious rock - AOR
94 US M-/M- 2980
CD8283 DEAD SILENT SLUMBER entombed in the midnight hour(Hammerheart HHR051)
 Swedish symphonic black 1st / f.Jens Ryden from Naglfar
99 HO M-/M- 2980
CD8296 DECEIVER tales of time(Battery 8309-2 melodic German authentic metal 1st)
94 D Ex+/Ex+ 1980
CD8260 DEJA-VU metal warriors(Pies CD0DB003/M-15511-2000 Spanish power metal 1st) 99 SP M-/Ex 2980
CD8245 DESERT STORM perspiration(Remedy RR0022 5trk / German thrash)
94 D Ex+/M- 5980
CD8461 De怪! burn out(De怪! - - -) JPN hard rock - metal with female vo
19 JP NEW 1100
E102 DREARYLANDS heliopolis …or just another dreary season(Mandrahgora MDR1508)
 Brazil' melodic power metal 2nd
03 BR M-/Ex+ 1650
CD8284 EL DRAGON testigo(Metalica Fanzine - - -) Argentina asuthentic power metal 3rd
 '14 issue
98 AG M-/SS 2500
CD8373 ELOY destination(ACI SPV084-48082 melodious German prog.) 92 D M-/M- 2980
CD8291 EMMANUEL BOOZ dans quel etat j'erre(Marquee/Belle Antique BELLE111837 +1 bonus)
 SHM-CD, French prog. - SSW 4th
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '11 issue
79 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8432 ETERNAL DARKNESS stories(- - - private 4trk / German melodic power metal) 99 D M-/M- 1880
CD8495 ETHOS relics(Belle Antique/Black Moon MAR00538/BMP1003)
 unreleased materials '73 - '75, US prog. / +Japanese inst & obi
00 US
M-/M- 7980
CD8415 EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE same(Arista ARCD-8633) US gram metal - hard rock 1st 90 US M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8458 EXCITER better live than dead(Pony Canyon PCCY-00501) +sticker +obi<ex+>
 Canada' speed metal, レア国内初回プレス
93 JP M-/Ex+ 7980
CD8282 FIXX real time stood still(Imperial TECI-24087) +obi
 UK alternative - new wave, '01 issue
96 JP M-/M- 2500
HS060 FLEETWOOD MAC then play on(Warrner/Reprise WPCR-14579) f.Peter Green, SHM-CD
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ>
 +company in-slv +obi, '13 issue
69 JP M-/Ex+ 3980
CD8298 FROM BEYOND into decay(- - - private German power metal 1st) 97 D M-/M- 2980
CD8480 FUCHO <不幸> the dark halo(Hardcore Kitchen HCK-033) digi-pk,
 +2 trk CDR remixed by Space Scientist, JPN sludge doom 1st
14 JP M-/M-/M- 3980
P003 FUELED BY FIRE plunging into darkness(Annialation - - - private released orig.CD)
 US thrash 2nd
10 US M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8319 GARY & VERA ASPEY from the north(Topic/Vivid VSCD-836 UK female & male trad.-folk duo)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '02 issue
75 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8336 GARYBALDI la ragione e il torto(Popolo Del Blues P.D.B.2000 008-2)
 early 70's Italian heavy psyche. - prog. Reunion!, f.Bambi Fossati : strong fuzz guitar!
00 IT M-/M- 3980
CD8286 GEORDIE save the world(EMI/Airmail AIRAC-1184 +2 bonus / UK hard rock 3rd)
 f.Brian Johnson post-AC/DC
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi
76 JP M-/M- 3980
CD8444 GOTIC escenes(Fonomusic/Crime 1024/KICP7003) +Japanese inst & obi
 Spanish prog.classic / '88 issue
78 JP
M-/M- 9880
CD8474 HAWK the truth is a lie(Compact Records And Music CRM001
 very rare 2trk5"CD single, Swedish hard rock, ex-Biscaya
93 SW Ex+/Ex+ 8800
CD8277 HEATHEN breaking the silence(Metal Frontier/King KICP91404 +4 bonus / '09 issue)
 US thrash 1st, ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi
87 JP M-/M- 2980
C077 HEAVEN'S GUARDIAN roll of thunder(- - - TOP-140) 1st 4trk EP
 Brazil' melodic progressive metal, rare private release
99 BR M-/M- 3980
CD8478 HERETIC breaking point(Metal Blade 7 73415-2) US power metal 1st
 f.Mike Howe post-Metal Church, '89 issue
 73415-2 (V):: :MASTERED: .BY NIMBUS. ,no IFPI code
88 US M-/M- 3980
CD8436 HERMES si o si(Sadaic - Aadi - Capif CD00001) Argentina hard rock - metal 4th 96 AG Ex+/Ex+ 2980
CD8258 HIGH POWER same(Brennus BR8035 French authentic metal 1st / orig.cvr / '07 edition) 83 FR M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8250 HITT MAN same(Steamhammer SPV85-7568 Matrix : CDP-BERLIN 85-7568 01)
 no IFPI code, orig.CD / US metal 1st
88 D M-/Ex+ 3980
CD8255 HOLY TERROR terror and submission + mind wars(Candlelight CANDLE290CD / 2CD)
 US thrash 1st '87 +2nd '88 / '09 issue, Disc 1 is Mind Wars,
 Disc 2 is Terror and Submission
UK M-/M-/Ex+ 1980
CD8395 HUGH HOPPER hopper tunity box(Arcangelo ARC-7237) +original bklt +inst
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, UK canterbury jazz rock
 ex-Soft Machine, 2nd solo, '07 issue
77 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8265 IAN CARR belladonna(Universal UICY-9267 from Nucleus / UK jazz rock - prog.)
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi, '03 issue
72 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8419 IGGINBOTTOM'S WRENCH igginbottom(Deram/King K32Y2190) +obi, '89 issue, 1st release on CD
 UK jazz rock - prog. / f.Allan Holdsworth
69 JP M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8362 ILLUSION OF DAWN ,THE recall the nightmare(Pest PEST013 A5 digi-file cvr,7trkCDR)
 #206 of ltd 266 / China raw black metal
08 CHN Ex+/Ex+ 2980
CD8486 IMMACULATE atheist crusade(Stormspell SSR-DL56) Swedish thrash 2nd 10 US M-/M- 3980
CD8433 IN BATTLE same(Napalm NPR031) Swedish black metal 1st 97 EU M-/M- 2980
C076 INFINITE HORIZON beyond infinity(- - - German progressive metal private released 1st) 01 D M-/M- 2980
CD8234 INSANITY alert second opinion(Glorious Thrash GTR#1) 6trksEP, paper cvr, Austria' thrash 13 AR M-/Ex+ 2980
vision quest(Strange TLIS010CD JPN grindcore - death metal)
 split 3trk CD / rare independent release
91 JP M-/Ex+ 4980
CD8454 IRON MAIDEN the number of the beast(Toshiba EMI CP32-5108) +obi<Ex+>
 税込定価3008円, 帯背表紙、やや退色有、赤角丸帯
82 JP M-/M- 4980
CD8410 IRON MAIDEN the evil that men do(Toshiba EMI CP12-5740) +Japanese inst +obi
 3trk picture,
 Disc and booklet made in UK originally
88 JP
M-/M- 18800
CD8388 ISLAND pictures(Belle Antique BELLE071234) +1 bonus, Swiss symphonic prog.
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi, '07 issue
77 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8409 JAG PANZER ample destruction(Metalcore CORE6CD) +4 bonus, '91 issue, US authentic metal 1st 84 UK M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8330 JEALOUS WILD eye of the storm(M's Rising E-0103) 3trk EP
 melodious hard rock - metal from Nagoya
 ex-Rachel Mother Goose, Laputa, Unafraid
17 JP M-/SS 1500
CD8357 JEFFERSON i love you this much(Vinyl Japan JASKCD178) +obi, UK soft rock 2nd 73 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8290 JONESY sudden prayers make god jump(Night Wings NWRCD01)
 '74 recorded unreleased 4th / UK prog.
03 IT M-/SS 2500
CD8382 JONI MITCHELL travelogue(Nonesuch/Warner WPCR-11387-8) Japanese edition
 deluxe digibook +bklt +Japanese inst +slipcase +obi
 re-recording album with orchestra / f.Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter
02 US
M-/M-/M- 1980
CD8356 JOZLIN BONES ii(S&M 3689 US hard rock 2nd / rare independent) 96 US M-/M- 2500
CD8430 KING DIAMOND the graveyard(Metal Blade PHCR-1469) +obi, Danish metal, JPN orig.CD 96 JP M-/M- 8500
pillow talk <ピロー・トーク>(Columbia/Muskrat RATCD-4330)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '09 issue
 JPN AOR / f.Jeff Porcaro, Michael Landau
89 JP M-/M- 3500
CD8440 LANFEAR towers(Lanfear LFCD21120001) German progressive metal 1st
 rare original cvr!
96 D M-/M- 6980
CD8244 LEGIJA same(One ONE145 Serbia' authentic metal 1st / '13 issue) 87 SRB M-/M- 2980
CD8482 LEVITICUS i shall conquer(Magdalene - - -) +3 bonus, ltd 1000 RE
 Swedish authentic metal 2nd, '00 issue
84 US M-/M- 3500
CD8322 LITTLE EGYPT eyes of the world(SPV 084-89092 UK melodious hard rock) 94 D M-/M- 2980
A416 LUNARCHY mind & motion(Gorgon 8265-2 German progressive power metal 1st) 94 D Ex+/M- 1200
CD8276 M.A.R.S. project:driver(Metal Frontier/King KICP91508 US metal / '10 issue)
 f.Tony MacAlpine,Tommy Aldridge
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi
87 JP M-/M- 2980
CD8243 MAGO DE OZ folktergeist(Locomotive LM090 2CD, deluxe digi-pk +2 x bklt
 Spanish folk metal live album
02 SP Ex+/
CD8421 MALICIA mundo mitomano(- - - MDFP02) Argentina technical thrash 2nd 01 AG M-/M- 2980
CD8407 MANIGANCE signe de vie(Brennus BR8024.AR) French progressive metal, 1st 6trk EP 97 FR M-/M- 2500
M024 MANILLA ROAD mark of the beast(Monster MCD010 US epic metal) 02 C M-/M- 3980
HS069 MARK HENLEY riversong(Muskrat/Vivid RATCD-4355) US ssw - folk rock
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '06 issue
76 JP M-/M- 1980
CD8307 MARSUPILAMI arena(Arcangelo ARC-7099 UK heavy prog.2nd)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi,TC
71 JP M-/M- 2980
CD8354 McQUEEN STREET same(SBK CDP-96428 US hard rock 1st) 91 US M-/M- 2980
CD8486 MERCILESS unbound(No Fashion NFR007) Swedish death thrash 3rd, orig.CD! 94 SW M-/M- 5980
H0609 MIKE ESTES and brave new south(Mike Estes BNS-112800 US southern rock)
 ex-Lynyrd Skynyrd<90's>
00 US M-/Ex+ 1650
CD8331 MILLIA no reason(Millia - - - +obi / private released dramatic hard rock - metal)
 f.Janne ex-Rachel Mother Goose
18 JP M-/SS 1000
CD8364 MISTRUST spin the world(Heart Of Steel HOS0917 +2 bonus / ex-Culprit)
 RE of very rare US authentic metal / '09 issue
86 IT M-/M- 2500
CD8248 MITHOTYN in the sign of the ravens(Invasion/Black Diamond I.R.028/BDP003)
 Swedish viking black 1st / orig.CD
97 D M-/M- 2980
C052 MOTORBAND made in germany(Popron 50001-2 Czech power metal 1st)
 outstanbding scratch, no problem to play, ディスクに目立つスレ
90 CZ Ex/VG+ 1980
CD8442 MUDSLICK keep crawlin' in the mud(Blue Martin CD BLM 330056-2)
 Swiss' metal - hard rock 1st / orig.CD
93 SZ M-/M- 2980
J071 MYTHRA the death & destiny lp(British Steel CDMETAL16 '79 - '81 NWOBHM)
 inc, single trks + demos / '98 issue
98 UK Ex+/Ex+ 3980
KS0369 NAZARETH the fool circle(Airmail AIRAC-1273) +6 bonus, UK hard rock
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +inst +obi
80 JP M-/M- 6980
CD8405 NEAT001 into the light(Neat001 KTP-001) +obi JPN hard rock - metal, female vo
 2nd album for the first time in 14 years
 Prod: Yukito Okazai from Eternal Elysium
 Eternal Elysiumの岡崎幸人を迎え14年ぶりの2ndをリリース
18 JP M-/SS 2500
CD8332 NEFANDUS the nightwinds carried our names + behold the hordes
 (Total Holocaust THR-45) ltd 1000, '04 issue
 1st full-length '96 + 5trk demos '95 on 1CD / Swedish black metal
04 SW M-/Ex 1880
CD8484 NEON ROSE two(Universal 210362-0 +3 bonus / Swedish hard rock) 74 EU M-/SS 4980
CD8377 NEUROTOXIN harvest your wrath(Prison Shank - - - ) private US thrash 1st 04 US M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8350 NICE here come the nice - the immediate anthology(Sanctuary CMETD055)
 1st - 3rd in '67 - '69 +single trks,demo & unreleased live on 3CD
 +inst +slipcase / UK psyche. - prog. / f.Keith Emerson
00 UK Ex+/M-/
CD8423 NIGHTMARE high speed venom(Plasmajam Productions PJP01
 Colombia' power metal 1st / original CD
04 COL M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8366 NIGHTWISH wish box(Spinefarm/XIII Bis 157812) ltd 1500 Box Set
 printed aut'd jewel case, Wishmaster enhanced CD album +keyring
 +calendar / Finnish symphonic power metal 3rd with female vo
01 FR M-/M- 9880
CD8374 NOOM same(Noom - - -) private German prog. - symphonic pop, aut'd on tray
 ブックレット、軽い噛み跡有, minor bites on booklet
94 D Ex+/Ex+ 1980
CD8450 NORTHWIND SAGA mythological world(Northwind Saga NWSG00003) +obi, 6trax
 JPN neo-classical melodic metal with female vo / 3rd mini album
19 JP M-/SS 2000
CD8439 NUCLEAR ASSAULT handle with care(CBS/Sony CSCS5066) +obi, US thrash 3rd, JPN orig. 89 JP M-/M- 3980
CD8445 NUTZ nutz too…(Pony Canyon PCCY-10173) +obi
 UK hard rock 2nd, pre-Rage<UK>,
 '91 issue
75 JP M-/Ex 3980
CD8359 OHIO KNOX same(Muskrat RATCD-4273) ex-Fifth Avenue Band /US folk rock
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi, '08 issue
71 JP M-/M- 1880
CD8475 OZZY OSBOURNE best of ozz(CBS/Sony 25DP5396) '89 released comp. Sample Copy
 aut'd by Ozzy and Zakk on front cover
89 JP Ex/Ex 5980
CD8292 PAUL McCARTNEY the greatest(Toshiba EMI TOCP-51055 JPN only comp.)
 inc,Junior's Farm / printed jewel case +obi
98 JP Ex+/M- 2500
CD8411 PAUL RAYMOND PROJECT raw material(Nice Noise Music - - -) original cover! Ex-UFO
 f.Reibun Ohtani, Hideaki Nakama
97 UK M-/M- 3980
CD8434 PEAK LEVEL kobe rockers(Sound Relapse SRC0001) +obi
 JPN blues rock + psyche. pop 2nd
18 JP M-/SS 2160
CD8348 PINK FAIRIES what a bunch of sweeties(Polydor/Universal UICY-9435 +2 bonus)
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi
 UK psyche. hard 2nd, '04 issue
72 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8349 PINK FAIRIES kings of oblivion(Polydor/Universal UICY-9436 +4 bonus / '04 issue)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, UK psyche.hard 3rd
73 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8401 POSSESSED beyond the gates + the eyes of horror(Century Media 66015-2)
 2nd '86 + 5trk EP '87 on 1CD / US thrash - death thrash, '98 issue
D M-/M- 2500
CD8466 POWERMAD absolute power(Reprise 9 25937-2) US power metal - thrash 1st 89 US M-/Ex+ 1880
CD8381 PRIMEVIL smokin' bats at campton's(Radioactive RRCD164)
 RE of very rae US hard rock
74 US M-/M- 2500
CD8233 QUARTZ satan's serenade : the quartz anthology(Castle/Sanctuary CMEDD928)
 2CD comp. / their 1st '77 +8 bonus inc, 5 unreleased trks
 +live album '80 +9 live trks / UK hard rock - NWOBHM
04 EU Ex+/
CD8361 RAMSES faith in rebirth(Pinball PINCD001 Belgian authentic metal 1st) 93 EU M-/M- 2980
S001 RAVEN rock until you drop(Universal UICY-93882 +8 bonus , SHM-CD / '09 issue)
 NWOBHM 1st, ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +inst +obi
81 JP M-/Ex+ 3980
S016 RAVEN wiped out(Universal UICY-93883 +4 bonus ,SHM-CD / NWOBHM 2nd)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +inst +obi, '09 issue
82 JP M-/Ex+ 3980
S032 RAVEN all for one(Universal UICY-93884 +5 bonus, SHM-CD / NWOBHM 3rd)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +in-slv +inst +obi, '09 issue
83 JP M-/Ex+ 3980
CD8438 RENAISSANCE jane's renaissance - the complete jane relf collection : 1969 - 1995
 (Renaissance RMED-384) 2CD comp. inc,rare trks & demo
08 US M-/M-/M- 12800
CD8418 REVENGER black rider ep(A-No.1 AN1-001) 6trkEP, f.仙田 from Battle Shrine
 Traditional metal from Sapporo, Hokkaido
18 JP M-/SS 1650
CD8367 ROBERT WYATT eps(Hannibal/Rykodisc VACK-5397) 5CD BOX +bklt +Japanese bklt
 +obi / inc, rare trks from single, EP + unreleased trks +remixes
99 UK
M-/all M- 3980
solid state warrior(Pony Canyon PCCY-01764) US pop ex-Jellyfish
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi
06 JP M-/M- 1500
C056 ROLLERBALL superstructure(Rhythm Ace RA110 Aussie stoner 1st full-length) 02 AU M-/Ex+ 2980
HS088 RONNIE BARRON the smile of life(Vivid VSCD-3341) New Orleans urban soul - AOR
 Prod: Hosono Haruomi <細野晴臣>
 f.Suzuki Shigeru <鈴木茂>, Hayashi
 Tatsuo <林立夫>
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP <限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '06 issue
78 JP M-/M- 3880
CD8408 ROTTING CHRIST triarchy of the lost lovers(Century Media 77128-2) Greek gothic death 3rd
 original misprinted barcode, no IFPI code, Mat: DURECO [01] 77128-2
96 D M-/M- 2500
CD8384 SAGITTARIAN same(Mellow MMP133) RE of rare private JPN symphonic prog. '94 issue 84 IT M-/M- 2980
CD8281 SAMAEL medieval prophecy(Necrosound NECRO002 ltd 1200, digi-pk +bklt)
 Swiss' black metal legend
 3trk EP '88 +2 demos '88 +3 rehearsal trks / '08 released CD
08 SZ M-/M- 3980
CD8402 SARCOFAGO hate(Cogumelo CDCOG.067) Brazilian death thrash 3rd
 Mat: 43-107247-10 13 A01, no IFPI code, no barcode on back inlay
94 BR M-/Ex+ 6980
CD8403 SARCOFAGO the worst(Cogumelo CDCOG0.081/108.258) Brazilian death thrash 4th
 Mat: MASTERED BY SME BRASIL 1-1-108258 1
 a slight bite at the lower left of bklt, no barcode
96 BR Ex+/Ex+ 5980
CD8477 SAVAGE AGGRESSION satan's strike(Necromaniac NR001) Colombia' thrash 1st, orig.CD 10 COL M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8446 SBB memento z banalnym tryptykiem(Metal Mind MMP CD0329)
 Polish jazz rock - prog. / '05 issue
81 PO M-/Ex 2980
A878 SCANNER terminal earth(Noise N0141-2 orig.CD / German power metal 2nd)
 Matrix : MAGNA W.-GERMANY 3100110 [A]
89 D M-/M- 2980
CD8396 SCREAMS FOR TINA same(Cleopatra CLEO41392) US goth rock - dark wave 1st 93 US M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8464 SEAM <ШВАХ> rattles of a bitch <сучьи погремушки>(Feelee FL 3 071-2)
 Russia hard core - punk 1st
97 RU M-/M- 2980
L047 SHOOTING STAR live(V&R VR4824-2) US melodious rock - mainstream, live '89 96 US M-/M- 2500
CD8313 SKYCLAD thinking allowed(Noise N0209-3 ltd 3trk EP)
 c/w The Cradle Will Fall<live> + The Widdershins Jig<live>
93 D M-/Ex+ 1880
CD8337 SMACK the collection : state of independence(Cityboy CITY CD2)
 Finnish garage rock - glam / '84-'86 comp. inc, single trk & rare version
88 FN
M-/M- 3980
CD8318 SPIROGYRA st.radigunds(Strange Days WAS-1022 UK progressive folk 1st)
 with female vo / SHM-CD
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +in-slv +obi, '05 issue
71 JP M-/M- 1880
P140 STARGAZER same(Long Island LIRC00066 +inst +plastic slip case, Gold CD, ltd 2000)
 German melodious hard rock inc, 1st Back On The Street
 +4 bonus, '94 issue
D M-/M- 2980
CD8441 STELLA l'integrale sixties(Magic 5262042) 2CD, deluxe digi-pk, a.k.a Stella Vander
 60's French female pop / 40 trax comp.
03 FR M-/M- 3980
CD8422 STINGRAY operation stingray(KDC 10010) South Africa' prog. hard 2nd, '93 issue 81 D M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8453 STONE ANGEL the holy road of bromholm(Kissing Spell KSCD9490-f) 70's UK folk
 unreleased live recorded in 1975, male & female vo, '94 release
94 UK M-/M- 1880
CD8308 STRAY the definitive collection(Castle ESACD916 1st '70 + compilation / 2CD)
 70's UK hard rock / '00 issue
00 UK Ex+/M-/M- 2980
HS059 STYLUS where in the world(Vivid VSCD-3372)
 Aussie mellow funky AOR - blue eyed soul 1st)
 ltd G/F paper cvr like mini LP<限定見開き紙ジャケ> +obi, '08 issue
76 JP M-/M- 2000
HS068 STYLUS part of it all(Vivid VSCD-573(P) )
 Aussie mellow funky AOR - blue eyed soul 4th)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '08 issue
79 JP M-/Ex+ 1880
KS0319 STYX II (Universal UICY-77820) SHM-CD, US prog.hard 2nd
 ltd die-cut G/F paper cvr<限定くり抜き見開き紙ジャケ> +obi
73 JP M-/M- 6980
HS012 SWEET give us a wink(Capitol/Universal UICY-77748) +2 bonus
 ltd gimmix paper cvr like mini LP<変形くり抜き紙ジャケ> +in-slv +obi
 SHM-CD, '16 issue,
 UK glam hard 4th
76 JP M-/M- 5980
C055 TALOR MADE same(Fems APCY-8324) +1 bonus +obi, US hard rock - metal 96 JP M-/M- 4880
CD8294 THESPIAN kingdom of sand(- - - CRIKOST2000) private 1st 4trk EP, Brazilian melodic metal 00 BR M-/M- 3980
C079 THRESHOLD same(- - -) private US progressive metal, 6 trax EP
 very rare original pressing with original cvr! Not UK group
93 US M-/M- 8800
CD8385 TIM HOLLIER same(Night Wings NWRCD03) UK acid psyche.folk - SSW
 comp, of his 1st - 3rd, '04 issue
04 IT M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8316 TODESKULT alt die farben alter wurden(ZAM ZAMCD004 German black metal 1st) 07 D M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8479 TROLL dreap de kristne(Head Not Found HNF042) Norwegian black metal 1st 96 NR Ex+/Ex 2980
CD8488 TUBLATANKA nebo - peklo - raj(Supraphon SU5505-2311)
 Czech' melodious authentic metal - hard rock 4th, '03 issue
90 CZ M-/M- 5980
CD8311 UFO obsession(Chrysalis TOCP-67829)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi, '05 issue
78 JP M-/Ex 2980
CD8437 UNIVERSE same(Sonet SMCD3 / 527 525-2) Swedish metal classic, orig.CD '95 85 EU M-/Ex+ 4980
CD8493 URIAH HEEP wonderworld(BMG BVCM-37721) +6 bonus, UK hard rock 7th
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +in-slv +obi, '06 issue
74 JP M-/Ex+ 3980
CD8489 V8 antologia(Fogon FOG517) Argentina authentic metal, 4CD Box Set
 1st - 3rd in '83 - '86 + rare demos, unreleased, live in '82 - '87 +bklt
01 AG M-/all M- 16800
CD8488 VADER de profundis(System Shock IR-C-067) Polish death metal 2nd
 German orig.CD
95 D M-/Ex+ 2980
CD8370 VANEXA same(Minotauro M9408) +3 bonus, Italian authentic metal 1st
 first CD issue '95
83 IT M-/Ex+ 2880
CD8476 VARDIS the world's gone mad(Castle/Sanctuary ESACD935) 2CD comp
 early 80's NWOBHM
00 UK M-/
CD8340 VARIOUS relapse singles series vol.2(Relapse RR6560-2)
 Grind Core - Death single trks comp.
 f.Deceased, General Surgery, Destroy, Disrupt
02 US M-/M- 1880
CD8352 VICTORY liveline(GSE 5214-2) German authentic metal great live / 2CD
 f.Herman Frank, Tommy Newton
93 D M-/M-/M- 2980
CD8491 VIVA apocalypse(KDC 10006) melodious German hard rock - metal 4th
 original CD pressing '93
84 D M-/M- 4980
CD8302 VIVID time of revelations(- - - TLSCD6800 private Swedish melodious metal 1st) 00 SW M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8459 VORTEX metal bats / open the gate(Unisound TRUE METAL 005)
 Dutch authentic metal 1st mini '85 + 1st full-length '86 in 1CD
 '98 issue / シールドですがジュエルケースにヒビ割れ有,
GR M-/SS 2500
CD8369 WARFARE metal anarchy the original metal - punk session(High Roller HRR453CD)
 unreleased demos from their 2nd : Metal Anarchy album '85
15 D M-/SS 1800
CD8457 WEAPON set the stage alight 30th aniversaryR edition(- - - early 80’s NWOBHM)
 limited official private CDR album +1 new song CDR
 re-issue of ’03 released 12trks anthology album
11 UK Ex/NEW 2980
J146 WHIPLASH power and pain(Roadracer RO9718 2 US thrash 1st)
 Sdh on backinlay' barcode / Price Killer Series / '90 issue
85 D M-/Ex+ 9880
C036 WITCHTRAP no anesthesia(Dirty Sound DSR-02) Colombia' black thrash 2nd
 orig.Colombia pressing
06 COL M-/Ex+ 2500
CD8287 WORLD OF OZ ,THE same(Deram/Universal UICY-9519 UK psyche)
 ltd paper cvr like mini LP<限定紙ジャケ> +obi
69 JP M-/M- 2500
CD8427 WRECKING CREW hard 'n' heavy e.p.(Wreking Crew WREC-0001) +obi, 5trk 18 JP M-/SS 1650
E844 Z-LOT-Z tearing at your mind(Molten Metal USA - - - US metal 1st) 95 US M-/M- 1980
CD8299 ZONATA copenhagen tapes(- - - MOLLA101)
 Swedish melodic metal 1st 5trk demo
98 SW M-/Ex+ 2980


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